Dream about chilli plant

Dream about Chilli Plant is a symbol for fertility, womanhood and reproduction. Your life is well balanced. You need to take a break and lighten up. The dream is a clue for power, strength, masculinity, courage and independence. You may receive some recognition and prestige.

Chilli Plant signals a mutual understanding. You are indulging in life’s pleasures and rewards. You are altering your emotional expression in a way that will be presentable to others. Your dream denotes the relationships and communication between you and your family or relatives. Perhaps something is taking a emotional toll on you.

Dreaming of Chilli and Plant

Chilli in your dream is an omen for an ever-changing situation. There are some characteristics that you are refusing to acknowledge or incorporate into your Self. You need to be better prepared for unexpected challenges that may come your way. Your dream is a signal for repressed desires and unexpressed emotions that are on the verge of exploding or bursting if not dealt with soon. You have come to an abrupt end in the pursuit of your goals.

Chilli in this dream is a metaphor for suppressed or unexpressed anger. You have trouble letting others in. Something that you thought was going to be a problem has resolved itself. This dream is a clue for a repressed or negative aspect of subconscious that is holding you back. You need to take things slower and you need to think twice before act.

Plant in dream expresses your tendency to pass judgment on others. You are warning someone. Perhaps you are dwelling too much on the past. This dream is an evidence for some fear that you do not know how to deal with. Your good judgment is being clouded by all the emotional turmoil and chaos.

Plant dream is a signal for old memories that you need to let go of. You need to resolve issues of the past in order to be able to make a clean, new start for yourself. Deep down inside, you know that a person is bad for you, yet you are still drawn to her or him. This dream is a hint for your drive and determination to succeed at whatever cost. You feel that you cannot do anything.

Dream about both “Chilli” and “Plant” is a warning signal for your worries over minor problems and small matters. There is some misunderstanding in what you are trying to say. You need to verbalize and express your negative feelings in order to get on the path to forgiveness. Your dream is a warning signal for your mind may already be thinking ahead to some problems of your life. Something bad is happening.

Dream about chilli plant states the new roles that you will be taking on and the uncertainty that that may bring. You need to confront some fear or depression. You are rejecting some advice or message. The dream is a signal for an authoritarian figure in your life. Somebody is guiding you toward a place of security.

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