Dream about chosen

Dream about Chosen is a sign for evitable changes. You are stretching yourself too thin, either financially, physically, emotionally or time-wise. You are showing off. Your dream is an omen for denial or some misunderstanding. You need to better process your emotions so you can understand them in a more effective manner.

Chosen represents the sacrifices your have made and the difficulties you have endured. You are clearing a path in order to make a new start and rid yourself of old habits and beliefs. You are being too picky about something that you should not be picky about. This dream is a harbinger for a situation that is being turned upside down. You be trying to indirectly approach a challenge or situation.

Dream about Choose [pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives] is a signal for medical concerns. You need to stop talking about others. You need to pause from life’s demands and reevaluate your decisions, challenges, goals and path before continuing on. Your dream hints your flexibility and resilience in various situations. You are in misery or agony over something.

Dream about Choose [select as an alternative over another] is an indication for grief, anger, or distress. You are upset at a person, but are not expressing your anger in an appropriate manner. You are the chosen one or the one that is chosen for the job. Your dream signifies hidden feelings, knowledge and attitudes that you need to learn and acknowledge. You are overworked and overburdened.

Dream about Choose [see fit or proper to act in a certain way; decide to act in a certain way] is a signal for some deception or big lie. You need to put your problem-solving abilities to use. You need to gather your attention into your life and accept some difficult situation. This dream signifies your aspirations for fame. You are not doing all that you can.

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