Dream about cleaning cat poop

Dream about Cleaning Cat Poop signals your carefree nature and jovial disposition. Good things come to those who wait. You need an uplift to your spirit. The dream is your sociability, your openness and your sharing nature. You need to take a break.

Cleaning in your dream draws attention to you to not take your personal liberties and independence for granted. You are on the defensive about some issue in your life. You need to be less arrogant. The dream points to your childish or babyish attitudes/actions. You are seeking out for someone to help and rescue you from your situation.

Cat dream is a message for the obstacles that you need to overcome in order to succeed. You are looking to escape from your daily problems. You are headed down an undesirable path. The dream denotes a non-reciprocating situation. You feel you are being overlooked or overshadowed.

Poop in this dream is sometimes unresolved issues from the past. You are feeling insignificant or unimportant. You need to be more expressive in daily conversations. The dream is a symbol for luck, spring, femininity and youth. You need to accept the consequences of your actions.

Dreaming of Cleaning and Cat and Poop

Dream About Cleaning Cat is an indication for guaranteed success. You have a lot of love to offer. You are hoarding something. This dream is a message for your perseverance and tenacity. You are feeling emotionally free and uninhibited.

Dream About Cleaning Poop signifies good health. You are putting past issues to rest or past relationships behind you. You may be taking on a new role. The dream points at energy, emotions and vibes. You are putting up a facade.

Dream About Cat Poop is a symbol for sensuality, intensity and drama. History repeats itself. You are feeling overwhelmed by emotions. The dream signals genuine fear. You are refusing to move onto a new stage of life.

Dream about Cleaning Cat Poop is about original thought or old ways of thinking. Your preoccupation has found its way into your dreaming mind. There is an important message that you need to convey. The dream is a metaphor for your past and your current life experiences. You feel alone and that no one understands you.

Sometimes, dream about cleaning cat poop is a sign for your tendency to jump from one thing to another without completing your initial responsibilities and tasks. You need to get away from the demands of your daily life. You are too trusting. This dream is sadly a major annoyance or frustration in your life. You lack integrity.

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I had a dream about a white cat that pooped on my bedroom rug. I was cleaning it up. I was not angry with the cat and reassured her despite it being a mess. I love cats. But my cat looks nothing like the all white one I saw in this dream


My dream was that there was cat poo in a dirt Bix. I used a scraper to get it out. Instead of putting it in a bag I walked along a dark alkey to find somewhere to put it.
The second time I put it in a small bag.