Dream about clenched teeth

Dream about Clenched Teeth is an indication for the burdens you carry in life. You are expressing your power through your words and your verbal expression. You are seeking for assistance and spiritual guidance. The dream hints confinement and restraint. You are feeling threatened in your life.

Clenched Teeth symbolises how you feel about yourself and your family. You are entering a new phase in your life (a new job, relationship, etc.) Perhaps you are taking a nonchalant attitude to circumstances that need serious consideration. Your dream is a premonition for honor. Some elements contribute to various aspect of your well-being.

Dreaming of Clench and Teeth

Clench dream indicates the depths of your subconscious. Perhaps you need to avoid certain food, habit, person, situation, etc. You need to better process your emotions so you can understand them in a more effective manner. This dream signifies your selfishness and overindulgence. All the energy that you are putting into a project may not be worthwhile.

Clench in this dream is a message for an achievement or goal that has been reached. Perhaps you have falsely pre-judged someone because of the way he or she appeared. You are feeling spiritually lost. Your dream suggests an internal conflict. You are having fears of being drowned by the feminine aspect of your psyche.

Teeth in dream is an omen for a harsh personal lesson that you need to learn. You do not have enough faith in yourself. You need to be more objective in your decisions. Your dream is your suggestiveness. Perhaps, you are feeling emotionally repressed.

Teeth dream states your need to be sheltered and protected. You are recognizing a part of yourself that was previously repressed or undeveloped. You are in a current state of chaos and despair. Your dream points to your fear over something you heard. You need to pay more attention to that particular person or object.

Dream about both “Clench” and “Teeth” is a harbinger for a lack of self-esteem. You need to get away from the demands of your daily life. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. This dream is sadly a lack of concentration. You need to slow down and take things down a notch.

Dream about clenched teeth states sorrow and lost love. You feel it is your job to repair and put things back in order. Some hidden aspect of yourself is coming to the surface. The dream is an evidence for the emergence of your feminine character. You feel you are above everyone else to the point where you want to isolate yourself.

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