Dream about cloak

Dream about Cloak is a clue for your eating habits and that you need to add certain nutrients to your diet. You are showing off and flaunting your material things. You are reacting to things with an envious or monetary mindset. Your dream represents self denial or self deception. Your level of confidence is fading or lost.

Cloak stands for some very deep pain or internal conflict within your soul. You are sacrificing yourself. You are missing a partner in life. This dream is about your authoritarian attitude. You need to be self-sufficient and stand on your own two feet.

Dream about Cloak [anything that covers or conceals] is about the difficulties you have in verbally expressing your thoughts. You have gone off the deep end in some aspect of your life. You need to get down to the core of some matter. Your dream symbolises your rigid attitudes. You are missing somebody.

Dream about Cloak [a loose outer garment] is an evidence for a situation where you need to be on your best behavior. You need to work harder at something. An aspect of your own life is in chaos. The dream draws attention to your need to get to the bottom of things. You need to stop living in the past and look toward the future.

Dream about Dissemble [hide under a false appearance] represents your desperate desire to escape from your life. You are letting down your guard. You are facing an identity crisis. The dream draws attention to sadness. You may be duped or lied to.

Dream about Clothe [cover as if with clothing] is sometimes complete helplessness in a situation. You are being a snob. Your motion is being inhibited in some way. This dream is a message for your sense of time management. You need to confront the situation or the person despite the pain and discomfort you might feel in doing so.

Dream about Cloak [cover with or as if with a cloak] is an omen for non-conventional thinking. Opposing views/aspects are coming together. You are searching for a new sense of self. The dream stands for your need to react quickly. Something requires your immediate action.

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