Dream about colors song

Dream about Colors Song is a clue for an innocent heart. You are so worried that you will forget something. Perhaps you are in need of a change of scenery. Your dream signifies your values and belief system. Your ambition will take you far in life.

Colors Song is a metaphor for love nurturance and the womb. Some death is still freshly in your mind. You appreciate the minor and sweet things in life. The dream means your growing confidence, high self-esteem and increasing skills. Something is about to be exposed or come into consciousness.

Dreaming of Color and Song

Color in your dream symbolises flexibility in your thinking or fluidity in your emotions. You are no longer in control of a situation. You do not want to face your feelings. The dream is a sign for emotional or relationship needs. Perhaps you are too rigid in your thinking.

Color in this dream signals issues and concerns with money and security. You need to try to shed as much light on a subject as you can. You are not really expressing how you really feel. This dream is a harbinger for a risk that you are taking in some situation. You need to stand up for yourself and assert your opinion.

Song in dream is a symbol for criticism and gossip. You are living under limited means. You need to be more concise in how you express yourself. This dream is a premonition for drastic changes that you are trying to make. The presence of someone that you loved is with your spiritually, even though he/she may not be with you physically.

Song dream is a sign for inner riches, untapped resources and unexpressed talents. You are looking for some privacy. You need to keep doing what you’re doing. This dream is sometimes your need to be alone or that you are feeling alone. You need to back off of a fight or situation.

Dream about both “Color” and “Song” is sadly a lack of individuality and creativity. Your ideas may be lost in the clutter. You are not thinking rationally. Your dream is sadly an admonition for your tendency to dominate a conversation relationship or situation. You feel that others are against you or that you are standing out of a crowd in a negative way.

Dream about colors song is a message for your need to take a new approach toward some situation or relationship. Perhaps you prefer solitude. You need to respect your past and where you came from. This dream suggests richness. You will experience a more satisfying social surrounding.

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