Dream about cookie monster

Dream about Cookie Monster points at an end to something. You are ready to move on to the next stage. Better times are ahead for you. This dream is an evidence for your desires to conform and fit in. There are many forces working against you.

Cookie Monster is a clue for solitude and unfaithfulness. You are undergoing an important developmental phase in your life. You are recycling past experiences and finding use for your old skills and ideas. The dream is a harbinger for the sun, light and happiness. You have a flexible self-image.

Dreaming of Cookie and Monster

Cookie in your dream is a signal for emotions that you have been holding back for a long time. You need to organize certain aspects of your life. You are concerned about losing your appeal. The dream is a harbinger for some burden that a person is creating for you or others. Some external factor is affecting your relationship in a negative way.

Cookie in this dream denotes your choices or ambivalence about some situation. You are keeping too many feelings bottled up. You need to cleanse your emotions and rid yourself of all the negativity you are experiencing in your life. Your dream refers to your defense mechanisms. You are moving too quickly in delving into your subconscious.

Monster in dream refers to anger, aggression and separation. There may be something or some task that must be done at once. You need to be more in touch with your femininity. The dream draws attention to your outlook. You need to evaluate who your true friends are and who are negative energy.

Monster dream is a hint for pain. There is a secret you are keeping. You are looking for some completion or closure in some matter. This dream is a metaphor for an aspect of your life where you need a little assistance. You need to be more calm.

Dream about both “Cookie” and “Monster” is a clue for failure in some work that you are attempting. You may not be seeing something that is right in front of you. You are methodical and careful in your approach to life’s obstacles and problems. Your dream is sadly a warning signal for an attack on your masculinity if you are a male. You are lacking privacy and feel you are being scrutinized or criticized.

Dream about cookie monster is a premonition for cooperation. You will find success through hard work and diligence. You are seeking warmth and comfort. Your dream indicates your own self. It takes time and effort to hone and improve your skill.

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