Dream about crush kissing someone

Dream about Crush Kissing Someone is a symbol for an air of confidence. You are open to criticism or suggestions. You are going with the flow of things without any objection or resistance. This dream is a premonition for a period of emotional and spiritual healing. You need to take a leadership role and show that you are in control of the situation.

Crush in your dream is a portent for your desire to be more independent and self-sufficient. You are going nowhere in life. Perhaps you are in need of a jumpstart in some area. Your dream stands for the processing, transfer and sharing of information. You need to deviate from the norm.

Kiss dream is a signal for risky new projects that you are tying to undertake. You need to start looking within yourself to discover aspects of your own character and find out what drives you. You still care for her/him even though the two of you are no longer together. Your dream is a portent for some illness or death. There is something in your real life that you have difficulties accepting.

Someone in this dream is sometimes the results of your hard work. Perhaps, you need to adapt a healthier lifestyle. Your life goals are in conflict with your belief system. This dream refers to defiance. You are seeking or trying to attain some sense of happiness.

Dreaming of Crush and Kiss and Someone

Dream About Crush Kissing Me is a portent for your generosity and giving nature. You are holding something back, especially when it comes to your emotions. You are broadening your mind and opening yourself to new experiences. This dream is a harbinger for good luck and fortune. You are ready for an adventure.

Dream About Crush Someone is a harbinger for the goals you have in your life. It also refers to your achievements. You are suspicious about something or someone. Your dream is a metaphor for your growing confidence, high self-esteem and increasing skills. You feel that you are becoming like your father.

Dream About Kiss Someone indicates a sigh of relief. An analytical and logical mind. You are moving rapidly through life with tremendous ease and determination. This dream is an evidence for your creativity and artistic abilities. Somebody offered you advice or comfort in your time of need.

Dream about Crush Kissing Someone is a symbol for a situation or a person who may not be worth your time. You are trying to establish your boundary and mark your territory. You are looking for some comic relief. The dream points to your strong will and solid character. You are ready to accept and face reality.

Sometimes, dream about crush kissing someone is a warning for a lack of harmony in your domestic life. You are shutting off your emotions and not letting people in. You are not being recognized for what you have given up. This dream represents death, misfortune and bad luck. You are incoherent.

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