Dream about crush story

Dream about Crush Story is a clue for the things that you treasure and hold dear to your heart. There is a literal disconnect between how you feel and what you think. Our goals in life have changed. The dream points to spiritual refreshment. Help is available to you if you ask.

Crush Story is a symbol for a blossoming relationship. You need to add more color and joy to your life. You are keeping close track of things. The dream indicates life’s twists and turns. You are receiving a message.

Dreaming of Crush and Story

Crush in your dream is someone who escapes responsibility or culpability. You are on your way toward realizing your goals and desires. You may be trying to escape from the difficulties you are experiencing in your life. Your dream means a situation that is in need of repair or attention. You are being indifferent.

Crush in this dream is an indication for your need for attention and your need to be admired. You are being shielded from some information. You are behaving immaturely in some situation. This dream is sometimes old issues that are still coming back to haunt you. You let an opportunity pass you by because you did not react fast enough.

Story in dream is feelings of vulnerability. You are trying to connect with an aspect of a person. You need to learn to share and allocate your workload instead of trying to do everything yourself. Your dream is an indication for struggle and conflict. You need to be careful in who you trust and who you confide in.

Story dream is grief, sorrow and regrets. There is some aspect of your life that you want to be rid of. You need to put closure on some situation. Your dream draws attention to a situation that has created a loss of respect for you. You need to stand up for yourself and let your voice be known.

Dream about both “Crush” and “Story” is sadly an admonition for shame or guilt. You are experiencing a lot of anger, rage and turmoil. You are not utilizing your strengths to the fullest potential. Your dream is a signal for hidden and embarrassing fears over some secret matters that you have not shared with anyone. You are not being understood or someone is not understanding you.

Dream about crush story indicates your hopes, dreams, goals and desires. You are exploring your emotions. You will experience many difficulties in moving ahead. This dream points at the temporary burdens and responsibilities that you are carrying with you. You are feeling confident and empowered.

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