Dream about dead aunt alive

Dream about Dead Aunt Alive suggests your potential and untapped energies. You are generating something new or different. You will be met with much success in your future. This dream is an omen for your willingness to help others and lend a hand. You are seeking guidance from a higher source.

Dead in your dream signals the many obstacles, setbacks and delays that you will need to overcome as your move toward your goals. You need to be more environmentally aware. You need to spend some time to focus and build on your existing relationships. This dream is a portent for some anxiety on some major change in the relationship. You may be expressing difficulties in some situation or relationship.

Aunt dream hints a person who you want to emulate. You may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence. You need to better pace yourself and learn to adjust to your surroundings and situations. Your dream represents some dirty situation. You are trying to cover-up or hide something.

Alive in this dream is a premonition for confusion or chaos in your life. Your tenacity and perseverance will pay off in the end. You need to be more of a sport. Your dream is a hint for feelings and thoughts from the primal aspects and less developed parts of your subconscious. You need to distance yourself from some issue.

Dreaming of Dead and Aunt and Alive

Dream About Dead Aunt expresses something that you can no longer keep to yourself. You have a sense of entitlement. You are satisfied with how things are going. This dream expresses rejuvenation, enlightenment and vitality. Somebody is going to help you to move forward.

Dream About Dead Alive is a hint for all of your past experiences – both positive and negative. You wished a person that you loved still around to experience and share certain aspects of your life with you. It is time to collect the benefits and rewards that you’ve worked so hard for. This dream signals freedom, independence or spiritual enlightenment. Your emotions also effect those around you.

Aunt and Alive is about meditation and reflection. Some project that you are working on requires cohesive action. You are longing for the past. The dream is a metaphor for practicality. You are literally being consumed by some danger.

Dream about Dead Aunt Alive expresses your attitudes about love and matters of the heart. You need to lighten up. You are putting up an emotional wall or barrier between you and others around you. This dream is about your debts. Perhaps you feel that you have plenty of time on your hands.

Sometimes, dream about dead aunt alive is sadly a warning signal for criticism and anger. You need to analyze aspects of your life for any potential problems that might trip you up later on. You need to get rid of something in your life that is causing you much sickness, distress, or negativity. This dream states disappointments and negative changes in your life. You are trying to divert attention away from a problem.

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My dream I was with my living family in my home I was looking for my cell phone . The door bell rang . When I went to the door . My aunt was hiding to surprise me when I saw her I started crying I know who she was when she came in she hugged and kissed me because each other when she came in the rest of the family asked her who was she and she said ask mention my name she knows me


I dreamt that I was at a family gathering with family taking to my dead Aunt.

Merricka Campbell

dreamt i saw my dead aunt looking really made up and beautiful


i was with my aunt..i cant remember where but later on i begged her to go because um tired of seeing since she is dead and that it hurts me..i even prayed that she goes..but she kept on appearing


I dreamt that I was talking with my deceases aunt in her casket. She smiled at me while talking and I can’t remember what we are talking cause I can’t hear words from her. I lay down my head to the casket and I can see in my dream that I missed her. She passed away 20 years ago.


Helping dead aunty to stand from well


I dreamt that I was walking towards my mum’s workplace and there was a football match happening in front
As I was walking towards, some of my mum’s colleagues told me thank you and just at the entrance my aunt who’s dead in real life was sitting but at first I didn’t recognize her and she called my name then I went to hug her
I asked her if the ball won’t hit her there, I asked her if she was going to drink sprite she said no let’s just watch the match