Dream about dead baby becoming alive

Dream about Dead Baby Becoming Alive is an indication for commerce, vision, success and imagination. You are transitioning into a new phase in your life. You are so worried that you will forget something. Your dream indicates your sister or an important female figure in your life. You are refusing to confront some issue or situation.

Dream about Dead Baby Becoming Alive is a hint for a final end to some situation or relationship. You are that compassionate person. Your hard work and labor will be well worth it in the end. Your dream is a premonition for your passion about a goal. Perhaps someone is invading your personal space.

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I were I guess in a doctors office with my little brother. Doc & brother started talking. I walked away to come across a “dead” baby in the trash. The mom & little sister were still sitting waiting. Doc& lil brother started laughing loud & baby came alive, I grabbed it for a little then handed it to the mom. The baby opened its eyes & eyes were blue.


Hit my current situation right on the nail. Thank you .

Juluri santhoshini

I was carrying a dead baby in my hand and suddenly the baby opened eyes and I came to know the baby is alive. I was catching the baby and running to save from some one (I don’t know who it is .actually I felt so happy that the baby is alive and I woke up . Plz let me know the meaning of this .


I dreamt I was holding a little baby who is dead, 5 month old premature. I wanted to mourn the baby. They baby grew in size I looked at the eyes, they opened. I freaked out put it on the bed and went to the next room. When I came back, my grandmother was craddling it and the baby was now a normal size. then another appeared in my arms who was dead and she came to life. Then I went to the freezer there was one who was frozen, I took the baby out and warmed it up and came to life. There were 4


I dreamt of a baby girl in a coffin and thinking she will be alive and she became alive while I’m looking at her


I dreamt that my mother saw a dead baby, she wrapped it with a white clothing and showed it me and it somewhat showed that the baby died from drowning. But when the baby was right before my eyes, it suddenly became alive, crying. I didn’t know but I also cried with the baby, it suddenly came up to me and said the words “mama” but I told the little guy that I’m not his mother. Then I woke up, but deep inside I felt something, like a desire for that baby. Something that wants me to take care of it

Shirley Virgil

In a dream I saw a small plane a very small plane black in colour crash on the ground then I saw a very tall man open the door of the plane bringing out a new born baby doing is a CPR on the baby then the baby woke up then I saw myself carrying the same baby and I was looking for soap to beat the baby please what is the meaning of dream