Dream about dead baby in water

Dream about Dead Baby In Water points at togetherness and spiritual bonding. Suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. You are being pulled into someone else’s problems or arguments. The dream expresses security, love, comfort, support and unconditional or unquestioned love. You are going along a crooked path.

Dead in your dream is a symbol for the darker, sinister side of your personality. You are trying to piece together some information. Perhaps you need to work on your self-image and improve on your image. Your dream expresses a broken relationship or a rift in a friendship. You need to bare your soul and let everything out into the open.

Baby dream suggests your burdens, work load and responsibilities. You need to be more diplomatic in a situation. Perhaps, you are too harsh on yourself or on others. This dream expresses your ability to yield in your decisions and your way of thinking. Perhaps you are too rigid in your thinking.

Water in this dream is a hint for your own feelings of self-worth and being accepted. Perhaps you need to do some soul searching. You need to listen closely to what people may be saying about you or what you are saying about others. This dream symbolises chastity and abstinence. There is something that you are not seeing clearly.

Dreaming of Dead and Baby and Water

Dream About Dead Baby means the frustrations that you are experiencing in your life. You are under a tremendous level of stress. You are living life to the fullest. Your dream is a clue for haughtiness. You need to look at things from a different view or approach your problems from a new angle in order to successfully move forward.

Dead and Water is a sign for being part of something exclusive. Success and prosperity is within your reach. You want to escape the mundaneness. Your dream denotes a major change occurring in some aspect of your life. You are refusing to confront issues from your past which is affecting your present life.

Dream About Baby On Water is a clue for completion and achievement of your goals. You are in style or in fashion. You are seeking protection from some intense energy or power. The dream represents your position of power. You are getting in touch with your intuitive side.

Dream about Dead Baby In Water is a general betterment of your life and an improvement in your financial situation. You need to be more open about your emotions and express how you really feel. You are undergoing changes in your life. Your dream points at something that you have to get done. Someone is taking advantage of you.

Sometimes, dream about dead baby in water is a warning alert for neglected feelings and emotions that you are unwilling to confront. Perhaps some people in your life are being too overbearing or too dependent on you. You may be retreating back to a childlike state and longing for the past. This dream is sadly a warning signal for your unexplored, underdeveloped, or undisciplined power. You tend to not get your hopes up too high when good things happen.

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