Dream about devil dog

Dream about Devil Dog is the goals you have achieved and for the recognition you have gained. You are reliable and dependable. You are devaluing yourself. The dream is a hint for the carefree nature of childhood. You will struggle fiercely and courageously to realize your highest ambitions and greatest desires.

Devil Dog is a premonition for your need to release and channel your emotions. Maybe you feel that you are not satisfying your friends and family. You are feeling misunderstood. Your dream is a symbol for your own self. You are looking for some comic relief.

Dreaming of Devil and Dog

Devil in your dream is a signal for a relationship or situation that is developing. You need to venture out on a journey in order to find who you are as a person. You are underestimating your own abilities and in yourself. Your dream means your worries over money matters. You need to be more decisive.

Devil in this dream symbolises youth and mental development. You need to take some time off so you can cater to the inner child within. You are refusing to conform to some idea or attitude. This dream represents some illness or physical ailment. You are pretending to be someone you are not.

Dog in dream indicates your inability to let go of the past. Perhaps you need to cut-back on spending, smoking, eating, gambling or some other habit. You possess the necessary skills to accomplish a goal or solve a problem in your life. Your dream stands for your erratic behavior. You need to look at the overall picture on some issue.

Dog dream is a hint for your leadership skills and your authoritative presence. There is something that you need to think long and hard about. You are harboring feelings of hostility. This dream states your forgiving or yielding support system. You need to adopt some new approaches into your life.

Dream about both “Devil” and “Dog” points to how much you are missing one’s presence and having him/her nearby. You desire independence and control of your own destiny, but something or someone is holding you back. There is something that you are ready to get off your mind. This dream stands for the consequences of the decisions you have made. There are issues you are not confronting with her or him.

Dream about devil dog represents something in your life that is unhealthy. You are experiencing some conflict in your life. You are having difficulties experiencing how you feel and conveying your thoughts. Your dream is a harbinger for distrust and suspicion of others. You are feeling nervous or excited about something.

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I dreamt that everyone was using my backyard to let their dogs poop at night. When I went out to confront them most ran away. One came out of hiding and we had a yelling match. Then a neighbor’s dog came out to attack her. I stayed back. Suddenly a huge demon dog came out, attacked the dog then attacked the last person in my backyard


Dreamed I was at my aunts and that a child in the yard who was someone I knew but was a demon.or a ghost . Than it was a possessed puppy and we made it nice again but there kept being more and more puppies we had to make not evil anymore . I can’t rember all the dream except that there were so many puppies being born and possessed but I kept petting them and helping them .