Dream about digging cocoyam

Dream about Digging Cocoyam means some female in your life. You may still in be the planning stages of some situation or project. You are letting your emotions hold you back and prevent you from moving forward. Your dream is a clue for your connection to someone in an intimate and emotional way. You are feeling unappreciated.

Digging Cocoyam is an omen for your perseverance and courage. There is something that you are completely overlooking. You are one who is willing to take risks. Your dream is a portent for an emotional barrier. You are looking for something.

Dreaming of Digging and Cocoyam

Digging in your dream is an indication for aspects of yourself that you want to eliminate. You may be proclaiming your innocence in some situation. You are trying to escape from reality. Your dream states compensation for your hard work. You are being shielded from some information.

Digging in this dream draws attention to disapproval. You need to learn from your past. You are moving toward a questionable or risky direction in your life. The dream signals a needy or codependent relationship. You are being accused of some wrongdoing.

Cocoyam in dream hints your need for cleansing or healing. You are getting a handle on a problem. You need to reevaluate and better manage your resources before your deplete them. The dream means prosperity and attainment of your desires. You need to keep your distance from some matter or situation.

Cocoyam dream points at someone who is anal retentive. You are feeling drained. You are trying to take the quick and easy path to success. The dream points at emergence of subconscious material and suppressed feelings. You are having some doubts about yourself and the choices you are making.

Dream about both “Digging” and “Cocoyam” is sadly a warning for anger and uncontrolled aggression. Perhaps you feel that you have bitten off more than you can chew. Nothing will be gained by deceit. The dream is a sign for your discarded attitudes, old habits and former beliefs. You are letting your cold hard feelings control your behavior.

Dream about digging cocoyam is a harbinger for subconscious material that is coming to the surface. You have more influence and power than you realize. You need some direction or clarity in a situation. This dream is an evidence for your desires to be liked and recognized. You are undergoing some major transformation or metamorphosis in your life.

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Please I had a dream and I was in the farm with my friends to look for foodstuff as we were there someone came there and he picked cocoyam which was on the grounds so my friends couldn’t find anything I then took the cattlas and begin digging for cocoyam and one friend was peeling it.