Dream about doing hard drugs

Dream about Doing Hard Drugs expresses an outburst of emotions. You have something to offer to others. You are in a position of disseminating your knowledge and wisdom to others. The dream signals an offering of friendship, compassion and kindness. You have control over your emotions.

Do in your dream is a metaphor for a warning or a call to order. You are looking to change your image and attitude. You are experiencing much stress in some situation. Your dream states the annoyances in your life. You are refusing to see someone else’s viewpoints.

Hard in your dream is a sign for agility, fear, fierceness, superiority and power. You may be feeling overburdened or stressed. You need to hold it together, especially when others are prone to losing control. This dream is a portent for commitment issues. You need to have a better or broader outlook on life.

Drug in this dream points to how you or someone has acted foolishly and stupidly in a situation. You are putting up a shield or barrier to protect yourself from potential hurt. You are leaving too much to chance. The dream is sometimes a level of emotional aggression or emotional tension. You have done something that you are not proud of.

Dreaming of Do and Hard and Drug

Do and Hard is a portent for lust, love and eroticism. You are testing your limits. If you visualize success, then you will achieve success. This dream is an omen for the early stage of a new project or new relationship in your life. You feel confident and self-assured.

Dream About Doing Drugs is a symbol for your life partner or soul mate. You will benefit from your hard work. You are entering a new phase or transition in your life. Your dream hints the passage of time. You feel the need to defend your beliefs, values and opinions.

Dream About Hard Drugs signifies excessive chatter and gossip. There is still more growing that you need to do. Some issue or situation is burning you up inside. This dream signifies mistrust. There is something that you need help to unlock or uncover.

Dream about Doing Hard Drugs signifies a neglected friendship. You are ashamed about some past secret coming back to haunt you. You are exploring a new perspective in life. Your dream is a metaphor for high hopes and aspirations. You are comfortable in your own body.

Sometimes, dream about doing hard drugs indicates insults and criticism that is aimed toward you. You are not getting enough rest. You feel defenseless, weak and powerless. This dream symbolises a lack of freedom in some aspect of your life. You need to stop closing yourself off.

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