Dream about drinking apple juice

Dream about Drinking Apple Juice is wish-fulfillment. You are reflecting back on your own accomplishments, memories and key moments in life. You channel your emotions and are cautious in how you express them. This dream stands for joy and abundance. The situation that you need to confront is an extremely emotional one.

Drinking in your dream points to how your compare yourself to others or how others perceive you. You are involved in a destructive relationship. Perhaps you are letting others persuade you into doing something you don’t really want to. Your dream is an indication for some overwhelming task or emotion that you are going through in your life. You are trying to kill an aspect of yourself.

Apple dream is about compensation for your hard work. You need to learn to think for yourself. You fear that you will not meet other’s expectations. The dream indicates some repressed feelings emerging from your subconscious or from your past. You are receptive to different viewpoints.

Juice in this dream is a hint for protection or luck. You need to appreciate the different experiences in your life even though they are not what you may be accustomed to. Perhaps you feel pressured into doing something that you really do not want to do. This dream indicates your difficulties and hardships. You need to be more giving.

Dream about Drinking Apple Juice is a message for a mutual understanding. You are about to come to a whole new understanding. You are taking advantage of the innocent and the vulnerable. The dream points at strength and courage. You need to confront your fears of the subconscious.

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I saw the angel numbers 333. 3333, then, 1221, then 1010 yesterday. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant, and gave birth to a beautiful baby. I was using a breast pump and instead of milk coming out it was apple juice that was being pumped from my breast. What does this mean?

I know that in general apples mean good luck, vitality. But as to the real meaning of the dream I’m confused.