Dream about duck as pet

Dream about Duck As Pet signals new found awareness, insight and increased spirituality. You will fulfill one of your wishes. Emotional issues are trivial to you. This dream indicates social gatherings and merriment. You are worried that others will see the real you and criticize you.

Duck As Pet stands for your issues with power and domination. You are a very composed, together person. You are seeking guidance from a higher power. The dream is a sign for self-criticism and discipline. You are chasing and seeking fame.

Dreaming of Duck and Pet

Duck in your dream symbolises your tendency to keep your feelings to yourself. You do not care what others think or say about you. There may be an obstacle ahead for you. This dream expresses a flaw or weakness in your thinking. You are avoiding your responsibilities.

Duck in this dream is a message for obstacles in your business or personal life. Perhaps you are reaching beyond your abilities. You are testing yourself or some relationship. The dream is a harbinger for overindulgence. There may be a sense of uneasiness.

Pet in dream expresses feelings of rejection or of not being able to keep up. You are offering or giving too much to others. You are having issues in some area of your relationship. The dream represents your own insecurities with the relationship. You tend to not let your emotions get in the way of your decisions.

Pet dream draws attention to danger, evil or death. You need to take control of the issue and stop relying on outside help. You are avoiding your responsibilities. Your dream symbolises how you are green or environmentally conscious. You are trying to take shortcuts.

Dream about both “Duck” and “Pet” draws attention to troubling times and disappointments. It is time to change your old habits. You have let the genie out of the bottle and are unable to control the consequences. Your dream is a premonition for limited independence. You are hanging around the wrong crowd and are doing yourself more harm than good.

Dream about duck as pet means your need to relax and enjoy life. You have good manners. Your friendships are drifting apart. This dream is emotional distress/disharmony. You are looking for a shortcut to success.

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