Dream about eagle

Dream about Eagle is about your ultimate fears. Others can depend on you, especially during difficult times. Perhaps you are having difficulties getting through to someone. Your dream hints guidance toward the center and self-orientation. You need to express yourself through writing or art.

Eagle is a hint for your dependence on somebody in your family. Your own vision is in conflict with someone else’s. You need to clean up your act and your attitude. Your dream hints your desire or need to escape from a restrictive situation or relationship. You are trying to look at things from someone else’s angle.

Dream about Eagle [any of various large keen-sighted diurnal birds of prey noted for their broad wings and strong soaring flight] points to the temporary adoption of a new persona where you feel less inhibited and more comfortable to freely express yourself. There is a situation that may potentially take over your daily life and prevent you from functioning efficiently. You need to take it slow in some situation or relationship in your life. Your dream is a symbol for relationships and how the masculine aspects are in opposition to the feminine aspects. You are not confronting some aspect of yourself.

Dream about Eagle [(golf) a score of two strokes under par on a hole] is a symbol for an end or a termination to your old ways and habits. Perhaps your mind is preoccupied with someone who is terminally ill or dying. You are ignoring the desires of the inner child within. The dream is a hint for fear and the consequences of your actions. You are more likely to achieve some project or task.

Dream about Eagle [a former gold coin in the United States worth 10 dollars] means death. You are looking for reassurance or reaffirmation from others. You are being put though a test. Your dream is a signal for your need to be rescued or to be swept off your feet. You are just going along with what everyone else is doing.

Dream about Eagle [an emblem representing power] signals fears of inadequacy and low self-esteem. You need to cleanse your emotions and rid yourself of all the negativity you are experiencing in your life. You want to recapture something that you have lost, but once valued or cherished. Your dream is an indication for ditching school, work, appointment, or something that you are now feeling guilty about. You need to take a risk and be more daring in some situation.

Dream about Eagle [shoot two strokes under par] hints the cycle of life or how things have a tendency of coming full circle. You are feeling drained, physically and emotionally. You need to express some of your primal urges. The dream symbolises plentitude and abundance. You are trying to convey your emotions.

Dream about Eagle [shoot in two strokes under par] states repressed feelings of revenge which you are not able to act on in your life. You have found the truth to a situation or an answer to a problem. You are doubting your accomplishments and the goals that you have already completed. Your dream is a portent for repressed anger that needs to be expressed. You are looking to be gratified in some area of your life.

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in my dream i said to a recruiter aren’t you looking a job for me. He said the name of the company is eagle and its in Niagara falls