Dream about eating a cow tongue

Dream about Eating A Cow Tongue symbolises the self and the body. You are looking for advice and direction in life. You need to confront the past in order to move forward. The dream is a metaphor for your wedded bliss and happiness. You are reevaluating your values and making changes to your belief system.

Eat in your dream signifies your intuition or subconscious desire. You are looking to be uplifted in some way. You are being swayed to act and behave a certain way. The dream signals the monotony of your daily routine. You have a selfish aim or motive with someone.

Cow dream draws attention to fears of losing your virility. You need to stop meddling in other people’s personal lives. You are being evasive. Your dream points to an expression and release of your own primal desires. You need to put an end to your reckless behavior or else the law will catch up to you.

Tongue in this dream draws attention to resurrection, reincarnation and fertility. You are putting too much demands of others. Perhaps, you feel that you need to recapture some past moments in a relationship. This dream stands for how you want to live your life and where you want to be headed. You are evaluating your own abilities and performance in some situation.

Dreaming of Eat and Cow and Tongue

Dream About Eating A Cow denotes your business aspirations and professional goals. You are allowing others to manipulate you. You can do anything if you set your mind to it. The dream represents the importance of partnership. You are experiencing a loss of power and effectiveness.

Dream About Eating A Tongue is an omen for female emotions and domination. You are feeling over-exposed. You literally feel that you are carrying the weight of others. This dream is a sign for a personal transformation or a new stage in your life. You are refusing to acknowledge and confront the truth.

Dream About Cow Tongue points at the usual ups and downs of everyday life. You are searching for love and acceptance. New opportunities are now opened to you. The dream is an evidence for love, celebration and self-reward. You feel restricted and restrained from being able to express yourself.

Dream about Eating A Cow Tongue signifies your love of nature. You are in a high position or in a position of power. You need to give your family some space. This dream hints luck. Some relationship or somebody is dominating you.

Sometimes, dream about eating a cow tongue is a symbol for failing health and loss of employment. You are emerging from some depressing or negative situation. Your goals are set too low. Your dream expresses your inner strength and your ability to rid yourself of harmful and destructive behaviors. Your privacy is being violated.

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