Dream about eating african star apple

Dream about Eating African Star Apple is an indication for support and your ability to ask for help when you need it. You want to distance yourself from your family. You are enjoying the rewards of your hard work. The dream hints wealth and prominence. You are longing for some aspect of your past.

Dream about Eating African Star Apple suggests wisdom, frugality and practicality. No one is perfect. You have friends and family who will help you to achieve to highest goals. The dream refers to the balance that you need to maintain in various aspects of your life. You are involved in some love affair.

Dreaming of Eat & African & Star & Apple

Eat in your dream signals a sign of desperation and a cry for help. You are avoiding some issue. You are not making any progress in life. Your dream is a message for fears of not being able to keep up. Your plans or goals will be changed or delayed.

African dream signals speed, pride or power. You are under some extreme pressure or stress. Opposing views/aspects are coming together. This dream is a symbol for your own insecurities about your appearances. Your fears of gaining weight.

Star in this dream represents some sort of advice or message from your subconscious. You need to be more accepting and tolerant of the differences in humanity. You feel disrespected. This dream is a symbol for the feminine aspects which you have neglected or overlooked. You are afraid to say something for fear of being criticized or judged.

Apple in dream is an indication for some unresolved issue which you are not addressing or are refusing to acknowledge. You have resolved some anxiety, fear or tension in your life. You need to pull yourself away from a situation and look at it from afar. The dream refers to your impatience. The end is near in your career or relationship.

Dream About Star Apple indicates renewal and fertility. You are having some doubt over the sincerity and honor of some person in your life. You are able to see the bright side of a negative situation. The dream states your day to day support system. You are going in to many direction.

Dream About African Star Apple is an omen for your perseverance and thick-skinned nature. You will rise above some situation or difficulty. You need to take advantage of life’s pleasures. The dream hints the start of a new love. Things will look up for you.

Sometimes, dream about eating african star apple unfortunately draws attention to a lack of individuality and creativity. You are not thinking rationally. You are experiencing a lot of anger, rage and turmoil. The dream hints a dead-end. You are experiencing some sort of guilt.

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