Dream about eating dinosaur

Dream about Eating Dinosaur denotes your creative energy and passion. Your goals are in sight and you will soon be greatly rewarded. You need to get up and exercise more! This dream is an evidence for your real life relationship with a person and how you feel about him/her. You will be recognized and rewarded for your achievements.

Eating Dinosaur is a portent for potential, growth and prosperity. Something or someone is pulling you in opposite directions. You are successfully transitioning to a higher level and moving forward to important things. This dream is a signal for your idealistic notions of what a leader should be. You need to appreciate the life you have and realize the impact you have on others.

Dreaming of Eating and Dinosaur

Eating in your dream is a message for your primal instincts and reactions toward life, food, etc. You are bounded by barriers and obstacles. You or someone in your life may be a pushover. The dream signals your concerns about your self-image and appearance. You need to expand your horizons or experience a new sense of spirituality.

Eating in this dream is a signal for a need for you to find companionship. You need to heed the advice of others. You need to get rid of what you no longer need. The dream signals a part of yourself that is repressed and hidden. You have been given a seal of approval to follow whatever path you have chosen or whatever decision you have made.

Dinosaur in dream hints issues with your self-image and how you portray yourself to the outside world. You want to take action but are afraid to speak out. Perhaps you feel that you are stuck or that you are in a hopeless situation. The dream signifies concern and worries in some area of your work. You have a self-defeatist attitude.

Dinosaur dream is an evidence for your way of protecting yourself from life’s harsh realities. You are diverting or deflecting your feelings instead of confronting them. You feel stuck. This dream signals a situation or relationship that ended prematurely. You need to be more organized and efficient.

Dream about both “Eating” and “Dinosaur” indicates a lack of progress in some endeavor. You are lacking in your own relationship or circumstances. You are selling yourself short and underestimating your own potential. Your dream is a premonition for some situation in your life that is permanent and cannot be changed. You are experiencing some anxieties about losing control, either physically or emotionally.

Dream about eating dinosaur is a portent for a higher self. A certain situation is getting the best of you. You are refusing to acknowledge some characteristics may be affecting your performance and creative flow. Your dream expresses the small accomplishments you make along the way toward a bigger goal. There is a part of yourself that you can always rely on.

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