Dream about eating palm nut

Dream about Eating Palm Nut indicates the degree of power you are exerting and the power others have on you. You need some excitement. Someone is very in touch with his/her sensitivity and emotions. This dream denotes a misunderstanding. You are being snappy.

Eat in your dream draws attention to your need for healing and cleansing. You need to be careful with who you trust. You or someone is up to some trick. This dream is a signal for a repressed or negative aspect of subconscious that is holding you back. You possess the necessary skills to accomplish a goal or solve a problem in your life.

Palm dream points to someone that you call or refer to as doll. You need to hold it together, especially when others are prone to losing control. A loss of a good friend or a deterioration of your instincts. This dream is someone who is mysterious. You need to learn to not take yourself so seriously.

Nut in this dream refers to anger, aggression and separation. You are trying to gain some recognition or get someone’s attention. You are feeling isolated or abandoned. Your dream indicates a situation in your life which may be painful or hurtful. Perhaps, there is a situation that you are unwilling to accept.

Dreaming of Eat and Palm and Nut

Eat and Palm states self-criticism and discipline. Help for you is always around the corner. You are being completely surprised. This dream is a portent for ability to express your desires or ideas. You need to be more mature about some situation.

Dream About Eating Nuts is a message for something familiar yet different. You need to pay attention to those around you. Sometimes life is a gamble. The dream is a metaphor for your enthusiasm and uplifted spirit for some matter or occasion. Somebody is going to help you to move forward.

Dream About Palm Nut means spiritual guidance, intellect, mental attributes and emotional trust. You are moving ahead via your own power and determination. Perhaps you have done something and are afraid that you will be exposed. This dream stands for the importance of a maternal bond and connection. You are involved in a cover-up.

Dream about Eating Palm Nut points to protection. You want to make your presence known and stand out from the crowd. You need to take advantage of certain opportunities while it is still available. The dream is a portent for conservatism. You fit in with anybody and anywhere.

Sometimes, dream about eating palm nut signals your pent up frustrations and anger. You are having difficulties accepting others and their differences. You lack initiative to take action in what you really want to do. The dream unfortunately draws attention to money or lack of in your pocket. Some problems are not going to go away just because you are ignoring them.

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