Dream about eating ripe cashew

Dream about Eating Ripe Cashew denotes your sister or a female figure in your life. There is an issue that you are refusing to confront. You need to take control of your life. The dream is about your need for emotional and spiritual healing. A seemingly bad situation will work out for the best in the end.

Eat in your dream is sometimes your desires to be sheltered from the bitterness of reality. You need to sort out your thoughts and emotions. You tend to over think things. Your dream denotes your daily anxiety and worries. You need to be more carefree and be young at heart. Live a little!

Ripe dream is an omen for an aspect of your character and your strictness. You are cleaning up old problems and issues. You are ready to utilize your full potential. The dream represents someone who is overtly gay. You are feeling emotionally restricted and unable to communicate how you feel especially in matters of the heart.

Cashew in this dream is sometimes feelings of guilt and low self-esteem. You are waiting for a sign to make the next move. You are desperate to be accepted. The dream represents your fierceness, aggression, power and rigidity. You are not sure how to put into words what you want to say to somebody.

Dreaming of Eat and Ripe and Cashew

Eat and Ripe stands for a new sight. You need to cool off or that you need to keep your cool. Your friendships are drifting apart. This dream is about power and your ability to draw strength from within yourself. You are descending into the realm of subconscious.

Dream About Eat Cashew is your level of confidence. You want to work on your social skills. You are making a career change or getting a promotion. This dream signals a personal transformation or a new stage in your life. You feel you are giving more than you are receiving.

Dream About Ripe Cashew is a sign for purification. You are undecided about something. You are experiencing a closer connection to a person. Your dream is an omen for decisive action. You dare someone to do something.

Dream about Eating Ripe Cashew signifies the birth of something new. You approach life to your own rhythm and beat. You are looking to process and understand some emotional issue. The dream represents a special anniversary, appointment or occasion. You are able to maximize your full potential.

Sometimes, dream about eating ripe cashew is a sign for your vulnerability, confusion and frailty. You need to stop dwelling on the past and look toward the future. You are experiencing some major emotional turmoil that needs to be confronted and resolved. This dream is a hint for disappointments and negative changes in your life. You don’t believe in yourself and don’t feel you have something to offer.

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