Dream about egg falling

Dream about Egg Falling is a harbinger for togetherness, comfort and relaxation. You are undergoing an important transformation and deep spiritual development in your life. It is time to focus. Your dream suggests a past memory. You are happy with what you have.

Egg Falling suggests the power of love and its ability to penetrate through to anyone. An unexpected obstacle is causing a major setback toward your goals. You are acknowledging the feminine or masculine side. The dream is a sign for the struggles and challenges in your life. It is time to others share in some of the responsibilities you have.

Dreaming of Egg and Fall

Egg in your dream is a harbinger for self indulgence. You need to learn not to be afraid of rejection. You are being evasive. This dream points at the union of opposites and balance. It is time to think things through and replenish your energy.

Egg in this dream is a sign for temporary setbacks and delays. Others are meddling in your life and interfering with your life path. You are feeling emotionally detached from others. This dream is a clue for your anxieties or ambivalence about masculine/feminine roles or passive/aggressive behavior. You are looking for a solution to a problem.

Fall in dream is a symbol for your old beliefs, attitudes and how you used to think or feel. You are putting up a wall or barrier against the negativity in your life. You need to look on your inner strength for stimulation instead of relying on outside forces. Your dream is an indication for the level of burden or responsibility you are feeling. You fear that you may not be up for the challenge or that you cannot meet the expectations of others.

Fall dream is a metaphor for your indecisiveness and self doubt. You need to be more cautious. You need to be more in touch with your femininity. Your dream is a sign for how you want others to perceive you. You need to be more neutral or objective in your decision making.

Dream about both “Egg” and “Fall” is unfortunately your feelings of shame and guilt. Material things are not as important as the experiences and memories you create. Your situation has taken an unanticipated turn for the worse. Your dream is unfortunately a warning for loss, loneliness and depression. You are looking for comfort and mutual understanding, especially with a difficult situation.

Dream about egg falling is sometimes a journey of self-discovery. You are expanding your knowledge. Someone or something is pulling you down. Your dream is an indication for luck. You need to focus your attention and concentrate on one task at a time.

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