Dream about escape crocodile

Dream about Escape Crocodile points at a powerful force protecting you against your self-destructive behavior. You are feeling connected so someone. You are changing your beliefs about something. This dream signifies a message conveyed to you via your subconscious. You have the ability to adapt to various emotional situations.

Escape Crocodile is a symbol for there is something that you need to document or remember. There are some qualities that you need to focus on. There is something that you have overlooked and need to pay closer attention. The dream points to a sense of hopelessness. You are thrusting forth your will and your power into a situation.

Dreaming of Escape and Crocodile

Escape in your dream states vengeful or resentful feelings toward the opposite gender. You are being toasted or intoxicated. You are controlling your feelings. Your dream is a signal for regret of something you have done in the past. You need to work on some aspect if yourself and better your mind or body.

Escape in this dream means old feelings and memories. You need to pace yourself in some situation. You need to develop certain qualities. Your dream is a self-destructive behavioral pattern. You are seeking for reassuring and nurturing aspects of a relationship.

Crocodile in dream is an indication for a repressed fear and difficulties in personal relationships. You are over-thinking or over-analyzing some situation. You are clinging on to the past or to some false hope. Your dream is a hint for your rational and responsible side. You are feeling weighed down by your emotions or by some responsibility.

Crocodile dream points to emotional issues and tensions. You need to keep your guard up. You may be closing yourself off from new experiences or shutting yourself out. This dream stands for lost innocence. You feel that you are going no where with your life.

Dream about both “Escape” and “Crocodile” is a hint for opposing ideas and contradictory attitudes. You are lacking creative expression. You need to eliminate your immature behavior or attitude. Your dream stands for your resilience and your ability to bounce back from difficult and emotional situations. You are letting go or releasing negative and cold emotions that you have been holding onto.

Dream about escape crocodile is a message for greediness and selfishness. You have an old fashion perspective on certain issues. You are suspicious about something or someone. Your dream suggests an uplift in your spirituality and increase in your self-confidence. You want to let go of life’s daily problems.

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In dream i was at my friend place using her washroom, suddenly washroom bece big and the all water is going to some cellar far away and something is coming towards me. When i clearly saw it was crocodile and that moment I rushed towards the door and closed it from out side.. it’s Frist time I saw crocodile in my dream


Is saw a crocodile laying quietly at a place in my dream and was later covered with some clothes by my mom, and after removing the cloths, I could not find it anymore in the dream


I dream’t a crocodile as big as a house was chasing me on land opening and closing its jaws, i was not scared but i was running from it and then it disappeared.


In my dream I was chased by a crocodile and it bite my hand and i had the chance to confuse it and change the clothes I was wearing that was how I escape from the crocodile