Dream about escaping a sinking car

Dream about Escaping A Sinking Car is a symbol for the cycle of life or the passage of time. You have learned something significant from your past mistakes or previous experiences. You are refusing to work together with someone on a project. The dream is about your personality, your character and your inner sense of well being. You are harboring some strong guilt.

Escape in your dream stands for your main squeeze or your mate. You need to step away from a situation that will harm you. You are trying to gain some recognition or get someone’s attention. This dream is a signal for hidden elements that you are not addressing in your life. You are spending too much time in front of the computer.

Sinking in your dream is a harbinger for a loss to your individuality. You are throwing your weight and power around. You need to be careful not to let your heart guide you. Your dream indicates prosperity and attainment of your desires. You are trying to reveal or expose an aspect of yourself that you have kept hidden.

Car in this dream is a portent for self-control and self-discipline. You are being territorial. You need to be more expressive about your feelings. This dream is about your nurturing side and maternal feelings. You need to stop and reflect on your past mistakes or issues before you can move forward.

Dreaming of Escape and Sinking and Car

Escape and Sinking is a portent for masculinity and fertility. You are happy with what you have. It is time to mind your own business. Your dream is about distinction and honor. You are rebelling against society or the government.

Dream About Escaping In A Car signals your own weakness and neediness. You are successfully balancing different aspects of your life. You are set on the path to self knowledge and self discovery. The dream means spiritual power and control. You may be feeling superior over others.

Dream About Sinking Cars is an omen for new friends and exciting adventures. You have some dependency issues. Your inner fears are hindering your growth and progress. This dream denotes an increase in your level of self confidence. Perhaps you to be more understanding about a situation or event.

Dream about Escaping A Sinking Car suggests masculinity and fertility. You are feeling exposed. You have skipped something important. This dream suggests creation and creative energies. Perhaps you are assessing your career path and how you can move up in the workforce.

Sometimes, dream about escaping a sinking car hints your own cruel intents to further your own interest and gain. You are feeling unsatisfied with your current relationship. You are not being clear in how your express yourself. This dream is a metaphor for a lack of maturity or capabilities. You are too yielding in a situation. Stand up for yourself.

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I was driving colleagues to work when suddenly we reached oart of the road that was filled with water.we got out of the car after noticing it was filling with water,mechanic tried to start the car and reverse it out if the water but it failed to start we stood on the side an watched drown.


My car went off the interstate in water but I didn’t drown nd the car didn’t sink. There were houses like right there on the water and I was able to get into one of the porches and I was also able to drive my car after it was pulled from the water. I was on my way home to pick up my cap nd gown for graduation


I had a dream that I saw a car fall down into a river in front of me and I noticed a boy sleeping/knocked out in the drivers seat and saved him by unbuckling and pulling him out of the front window before he was taking away with the current. I don’t know who the kid is or who’s red car it was. Also I’m also a 26 year old female haha any insight would be awesome to hear!

Tammy Stephens

I dreamed friends I didn’t know had put me in a very compromising position. Then I was in a car with my deceased brother driving and the brakes went out and we crashed into deep blue water…I rolled my window down during crashing and quickly escaped thru my window calling to him to follow me. I was hiding and got a phone call to turn myself in, I was looking at homicide charges..and I was being tracked

Nikki Strickland

My sister and I were seating in the car. We see it’s flooding outside the car, the cars started fall into the water. We got of top of the car because we were worried about drowning and our car started to go under and I wake up to flooding up from the ocean.


I was driving my van on this very curvy wooded road. I was going super fast and hit the guard rail. At that point my van started to flip out into the water. It was weird because I was flipping slowly and tried to hold on and then it started just whipping me around and then splash, landed way out in the water. I tried to call my boyfriend to let him know what happened and I got out and watched it sink.


I was in the back of a van that I knew and someone else was with me (female), the doors of the van were open. The van backed up suddenly and went off the cliff into the ocean. the van sank, the person I was with swam out first, but as the car filled with water I couldn’t go the same way. I got out of the van by pushing a door open and swimming to the top. I had a very strange awareness that the person that was with me caused this.


I dreamt I was sitting on top of a black car on a water way and suddenly the car started sinking I him down and started to run on my way I said a little boy going that direction I held him to run till I got home and started telling my mom what happened I woke up


Wow thanks