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Dream about estranged husband

Dream about Estranged Husband is a metaphor for emotions that are dragging you and weighing you down. You are reevaluating your life and where it is taking you. You are approaching your goals with careful forethought and preparation. Your dream indicates some psychological business that you need to work on. Something or someone is preventing you from seeing the truth.

Estranged Husband is an evidence for the beginning of something new. You will experience much happiness and joy, especially amongst family and friends. Something is rewinding. This dream is a metaphor for a new birth and big changes in your life. You are the object of much admiration.

Dreaming of Estrange and Husband

Estrange in your dream points to a person or may even be a pun on something that is seedy. You need to exercise control in your life. You need to sort out your thoughts and emotions. This dream represents a desire to cry out about something. You feel the need to fend for yourself.

Husband in dream denotes the repressed and dark aspects of yourself. You may be looking for excitement in your social sphere or your life. You need to trust your intuition. This dream represents passivity or protection. You need to give someone their breathing room.

Dream about both “Estrange” and “Husband” is a harbinger for some infantile need. You do not believe in your own ability to achieve your goals. You are subconsciously repeating the same old patterns from that relationship to your current relationship. The dream signifies negative forces that are drawing you towards a path of dishonor and ruin. You don’t feel deserving of certain things.

Dream about estranged husband indicates your faith and optimism about the future. You are feeling powerless in some situation. You are experiencing an emotional standstill. Your dream denotes happiness and pleasure. You are ready for love and want to give love.

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My husband left me several months ago. I dreamt that he came back and in the dream I rolled over in bed and he was physically there. He kept saying he was sorry, but seemed drunk.

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