Dream about exploding sun

Dream about Exploding Sun stands for health and prosperity. You see everyone as an equal. You are involved in a slightly sticky situation. Your dream points to some unusual aggression. You are refusing to face the consequences of your actions.

Exploding Sun is the twist and turns of life. You will be undergoing some significant change to your lifestyle. You are misusing your energy. The dream states a new surge in your creativity and personal development. You feel that you are deserving of a small gift and are treating yourself to a little sweet reward.

Dreaming of Explode and Sun

Explode in your dream is a portent for your vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Sometimes some clues are seen as divine messengers. You need to show some restraint. This dream is a signal for insight into a situation you have been wondering about. You are torn between your values and your feelings.

Explode in this dream is a portent for the many components that make up your emotional blueprint. You need to be more assertive and learn to say no to others. Perhaps you are going through some crisis. This dream is a sign for your concerns over food and health issues. You are in need of a reality check.

Sun in dream is a signal for your indecisiveness. You are afraid of being caught in some illicit activity. You need to address your feeling and problems before they do more harm in the long run. The dream draws attention to a forceful and jolting outpour of repressed thoughts or urges. You are all work and no play.

Sun dream is a symbol for your tendency to bear pain in order to please others. You are dealing with some emotional matter in a roundabout or indirect way. You need to rid yourself of the past and let go of the past emotions that are holding you back. The dream signifies your desire to sanitize a situation. You do not want to settle down.

Dream about both “Explode” and “Sun” is a message for someone who is devoid of any emotion. You feel that your mother or some motherly figure in your life is not being responsive to your needs. You are feeling trapped in a situation. This dream is a signal for intense feelings of anger and rage. You are not realizing your own potential.

Dream about exploding sun represents a new birth and big changes in your life. You are becoming like your mother. Something or someone is holding you back, but you have yet to realize it. Your dream is a signal for the end of a cycle and the pause before the beginning of a new endeavor. You are rising above a situation.

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Had a dream I woke up on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. I looked up and saw the sun explode but I was still alive.


Night time, on the road with 2 of my children, looked up and saw the sun (it looked the way it does in space) it exploded but it cleared away. I looked up again and another sun was visible but a bit more bigger, it exploded & this time the sun debris came down. Woke up right after me and my 2 children began to run with no escape.


So I was on the top of a high building and on a nother lower builing there was a woman wearing black and singing in opera (got the creeps from her but she had a nice voice). While touching the highest note of the song the sun released a lot of debree on earth (it must have exploded) and her body was taken from it and I belive she got burnd. After that I woke up and the sun was right oustide my windows, above my face.


I had a dream where i was out in the center of my town, this was the realest, the most vivid dream i have ever had, i was outside and suddenly looked up in the sun just to see it. There were thin clouds which made possible to see the shape of the sun clearly. It was like in a movie just when i looked up there was like a vibration coming out from the sun and bcs i have learned stuff about sun storms etc i guessed something wasnt right. In a matter of seconds the sun disappeared below the horizon.


Thank you very much for your explanation. When i was dreaming it i wasnt sure if it was horror or what . Thank you again.

Sterling Wiest

I had a dream that i was pointing a flashlight to the sun and it exploded and we all rushed inside panicking.


I had a dream I was standing on this hill top. It was high kinda like a mountain. I looked up to the sky and it was green. I felt this surge of energy everywhere and I opened my arms wide as if I knew what was coming next. I looked up at the sun and it explodes and all the energy came straight to me. I felt empowered. There was no heat, no fire, just pure energy. And right when I felt the most powerful I woke up. When I woke up I still felt empowered, uplifted. There was no fear. Just peace.

Sun dream

I keep having a dream where everyone knows the sun is about to explode and we only have a few days left. And we go about these days and when the sun does end up exploding I close my eyes and I see the sun and weird shapes when my eyes are closed. Then I open my eyes and I see fire around me bc the sun has exploded. Then I feel myself stop breathing and heart stop for a few seconds and I take a deep breath and I’m alive. Then there is only a few survivers left. But sometimes I die in the dream.


I saw big bright exploding sun moving around in the night sky n I was so happy to see natures true wonder. Excited me, told my mom to look up quickly because it’s moving fast. But my mom looked up a little late cuz she did not believe in me and it disappeared. I was slightly disappointed. Suddenly, the big bright exploding sun surfaced again right next to the moon while both shining bright and coexisting. The sun is not orange in color but it was bright and light yellow.


Me and my partner were on the second level of an apartment maybe, looking out huge bay window at the sunset, next thing I see are these little lights circling the sun going all around it like torpedoes and then sun explodes, we start panicking I tell my partner I love him, try to call mt mom quick to tell her i love her I look for my dog, then I see my mil on the lower level on the couch with someone and I scream to her the sun is exploding. I woke up before we all died

R. Lalmuanawma

I see a sun explode in my dream and defeating my enemy on fight what does its means


I see a sun explode in my dream and fighting my enemy and he turn into a wolf and i turn into a black panther and choked him after i defeat him the new sun rise up what does its mean


I dream I was on the beach with lots of people watching the sun rises and was praying, saw the explosion in the sky dropping into the ocean creating a huge waves and crashing on everyone, dragging lots of people including me but I survived and make my way on shore.


Dreamt I was watching the sunset and then the sun exploded. Earth was hurled into darkness and then was picked up into a different orbit with a new sun saving the entire planet.


my dream was that i was with all my friends and family and as we all watched the sun explode, i was still alive and the sun had turned purple as it exploded

Suze D

I dreamt that I was in an apartment with my boyfriend and sister. We could see the sun expanding and knew it was going to explode before it did. As soon as it did I ran to the next apartment to find my brother. He was okay but we was all shaken. The next night I had the same dream but the explosion was greater. When I ran to find my brother he was hurt but alive. We all worried if we would survive the next one.


There were task that I had to do like in a kindergarten and then I only remember short parts but I was with my family riding in a car down a road and the sun turned purple or pink and them exploded then I woke up 🙂


I had a dream, I’m in a place and there’s many people watching the sun and moon meeting each other and when they met I think one of them exploded, and it starting to rain of ashes I’m not sure if it’s the sun or moon, but its making me worry.


I had a dream that it was thunderstorming outside and i needed to take a shower. Then i went back outside and the sun was VERY close to earth and all the other planets looked closer as well. Then the sun blew up and chunks of it went flying, i got hit in the head with a chunk but only got a headache from it. I survived the sun exploding along with others. All of the planets were all just rock and it was only ever night time anymore. These rock creatures formed and started attacking us.

Shiden Kenas

i had dream , i was in home it was evening .the sun is setiing and suddenly it got exploded. and the sky got total dark.I knew that wer’re going to die. and so fearfull.the rays and the fire was just getting closed to earth and the dream end.(i got up)


Grammatical errors ahead
So my dream is about the sun explodes and humanity and earth is still safe according to the experts/scientist on my dream. And according to them jupiter saturn and uranus will be crushed to each other and they become our new sun or another way we retrieve out sun is the earth will travel to find our new sun btw the settings of my dream is it feels like I’m on a headquarters or office or a laboratory


I had a dream where I was looking outside a window and I was able to see the sun. I could see it so clearly as if I were to be so close to it. I could see the flames the lava looking sun. I just thought how weird is this and all of a sudden it exploded. I knew in that moment we were all going to die. I though about running to my family but I just stood there frozen.


I was with my friend who I know closely walking to school. I was in a pathway with green meadows around us and this very small pebble river that we walked over, I looked up and and the sun looked beautiful. Sky was orange, had glints around it, and this rainbow ring around it, I tell my friend “wow the sky looks beautiful” in which he agrees. However there was this feeling of power suppressing me and suddenly it gets more orange and bigger, my instinct kicks in i run back and suddenly blow up.

Anonymous reader

I had a dream where I was in a room maybe a classroom, it had big windows and the sun was slightly setting and it looks pretty so I went to take my phone out to take a picture and as I took it, everything became brighter. I realised the sun exploded and I started saying “I’m gonna die” over and over again until it all turns black and I hear a loud explosion and I felt like I died like I knew in the dream I died and it felt too real.