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Dream about extra toe

Dream about Extra Toe means the ups and downs of your emotions and of your life in general. You will be well rewarded if you devote some time and effort to some goal or project. You need to seek help from others. This dream is an evidence for emotional contact or masculine energy. You have accomplished what you set out to do.

Extra Toe is a metaphor for a spiritual or emotional connection within your personal relationship or religious beliefs. You are undergoing a significant change in your life. You are going out of your way to please others. The dream stands for your creative side and aspirations. You can find value in the least expected of places.

Dreaming of Extra and Toe

Toe in dream is an omen for your tendency to always put others ahead of your own needs. You are trying to get your way by tricking others. You are grieving over something or someone. This dream suggests school and learning. You are being overlooked in some situation.

Dream about both “Extra” and “Toe” points to failing health and loss of employment. You are not seeing a situation clearly. You need to analyze aspects of your life for any potential problems that might trip you up later on. Your dream is about your lack of freedom and limited abilities. You feel that you may not be measuring up to the expectation of others.

Dream about extra toe is an omen for innocence. You will succeed in defeating your enemies. You are involved in some wrongdoing. This dream points to emerging creativity, renewal and revitalization. By recognizing the hidden aspects of yourself, you are able to move forward in life.

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I dreamt I had an extra toe on each foot, and the new toe was still small and trying to grow to the same size of the older ones. Pls what does this mean?


i had a dream last night about an extra toe on the bottom of my foot on the top part and i pulled the toe out like a splinter and the hole healed instantly i don’t understand


I dreamt I had 6 toes on each foot. And I also dreamt that I was eating a lot of Indian sweets.


I grew 3 toes under my foot and felt disgusted about it. Meaning please as I seldomly remember my dreams but this was very vivid and even woke me up


I dream about having more than 5 toes in my feet and i counted it, it was a total of 20 toes in my two feet, 10 each. And I dreamt of feeling insecure about it. I also tried to put a sandal to my feet until I already noticed it’s unusual number of my toes.

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