Dream about faeces in bed

Dream about Faeces In Bed is about dissatisfaction with your current life. You are taking an indirect approach. You are afraid to see your true Self and to be who you are. This dream points to a life of ease, comfort, warmth and of financial gains. There is something that you are afraid to confront.

Faeces In Bed is a metaphor for fertility and renewal. You will regain your confidence. You are seeking some validity and truth to some situation. This dream stands for fertility and motherly love. Whatever you are looking for in life seems to be moving away from you.

Dreaming of Faeces and Bed

Faeces in your dream is sometimes some sort of partnership and commitment. Perhaps you are overly analytical. You are trying to determine the worth of something. This dream signifies your unacknowledged and unexpressed emotional needs/desires. Perhaps you have been a little cold-hearted and insensitive.

Faeces in this dream is a metaphor for death and rebirth. You may exhibit some sadomasochistic desires. You don’t want to be tied down. Your dream stands for being stumped on some problem or issue. An aspect of yourself needs to be set free.

Bed in dream points at some financial gain. You have a soft, but still tough persona. You are looking to change your image and attitude. This dream is an indication for issues or responsibilities at work. Trouble is looming over you.

Bed dream is an indication for your feelings of guilt and remorse about some situation. Perhaps you need to address some pent up aggression or you need to show more sensitivity. You have let down your defenses and your guard. Your dream is a premonition for your quick temperedness. You are trying hide your own vulnerabilities.

Dream about both “Faeces” and “Bed” signifies failure to realize your hopes and desires. You are trying to disconnect yourself from the unbearable pain you are experiencing in an aspect of your life. There is a lack of balance in your life. Your dream is sadly an alert for slow, fluid motion. You are feeling sluggish.

Dream about faeces in bed signals an awakening and expanded consciousness. You need to take a risk in love. You are about to learn an important lesson. This dream states fertility and renewal. You are feeling particularly aggressive or bold.

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I kept cleaning after my moms faeces on her bed.