Dream about father drunk

Dream about Father Drunk is a clue for peace of mind and satisfaction in your professional and personal life. You are being rewarded and recognized for your generosity and giving nature. You are afraid of the truth. Your dream signals your fine and high-end taste. There is an imbalance in your life.

Father Drunk stands for the finishing touches in your life that brings about fulfillment and completion. You are filled with enthusiasm, excitement or ideas. You have to tell the truth about a situation. This dream is a signal for your determination to rise above a situation and overcome life’s difficulties. You need to move forward with some decision or action.

Dreaming of Father and Drunk

Father in your dream points to your desire to challenge authority. You need to open the lines of communication with someone in your life. You need to look at the bright side of things no matter how bleak things may be at the moment. The dream suggests your encouragement. You need to carefully think about how to proceed with a situation, before acting.

Father in this dream expresses your attempts to change something about your character. You are keeping too much inside. You are zoning out. This dream expresses someone you trust and can rely on. You are afraid of feeling unneeded or abandoned.

Drunk in dream is an evidence for danger. You are refusing to see a problem in the relationship. You are struggling between good and evil and right and wrong. The dream is a hint for regression or repressed thoughts. Perhaps you feel unqualified or inadequate in dealing with a situation.

Drunk dream points to your state of mind. You are keeping too many feelings bottled up. You have a set path of thinking and doing things and are unwilling to deviate from it. Your dream indicates your need to be or feel protected. Light has been shed on something that was once confusing.

Dream about both “Father” and “Drunk” is about a person in your life who is greedy and unscrupulous. Perhaps things are moving too fast and you are unable to keep up with the demands of everyday life. There is some situation or problem that you need to master and get a handle on. This dream is sadly a warning alert for repetitious thinking and an old way of doing things. Your efforts are too insignificant to make a difference.

Dream about father drunk hints self-criticism and discipline. You may be expressing some anxiety about being on your own and supporting yourself. You are in control of all aspects of your life. This dream states unlimited potential. You are being wanted.

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In the dream I saw my deceased father being drunk where I currently work with my senior, I dodged him so that he couldn’ see me because all I thought was that he was going to give me some trouble since he is drunk. I succeeded in dodging him without him seeing me.


I had a dream where my father was drunk and he gave me money then afterwards he was vomiting

jennifer bangit

I dreamed about my deceased father the other night . He was drunk and asking for money. Then I dreamed about him again last night he was drunk again until he falls asleep on our living room floor.


I had a dream last night that my deceased father was drunk in my dream and i was on a bike and then called him by “dad” he looked around happy that he seen me, but i was sad. I went up to him and hugged him on my knees and cried in his arms he said you need money i said no and he said how are your brothers and sister? Then i woke up. What does that mean?



I dreamed about my dad getting beaten up by three men and a unknown girl that was with him, hiding and scared of the situation.
The girl was high on heroine, she said that to me.
He was high or drunk, not being able to process the fact that he was being beat up.
I was crying and trying to help him out of the fight, it worked and I helped him to walk home while I was still crying.
It was a very dirty and dangerous neighborhood full of crackheads.
Wth does all of this mean haha?


so today i had a dream about my father being drunk hanging on a balcony asking me to help in a calm voice. I also saw a phew cats down staring at us(they where white and black). I told my father to get down off the balcony and enter the estate door ‘141’ what can this possible mean?


I dreamed my father and younger brother drink together and drunk,well ofc they saw me and when I saw them I wanted to avoid them as I feel disappointed and don’t care about it anymore , mb I’m embarrassed because my friend saw it?


I dream my deceased father drunk laying on the street then I pull him off the ground and assisted him to walk towards home.


My self controlling my Drunk father


I saw my father came home drunk and I opened the door for him and i was shocked because in our family no one likes drink so i ran to my mom by saying that look what papa has done then I started crying. What does this dream mean?


Dreaming My father get drunk and hung on on my enemies. He tell my enemy about my personal life.then after that the bus of town stop at the front of our house to pick up my father drunk.


In my dream, my dad came home drunk late at night (the total opposite in real life).
I was annoyed and asked if he doesn’t know what time it is. He replied angrily, wondering if I ever don’t have to have the last word.
Then he went to the restroom and had a phone call with his colleague from work who told him about another colleague gossiping about my dad. They started talking about that other colleague, and how they were gonna give him a piece of their minds.


My father went out with friends and he was only drunk so fight his friends off our house in dream