Dream about feeling lost

Dream about Feeling Lost refers to a change in your path or course of action. You enjoy the finer things in life and are not afraid to flaunt it. You are questioning someone’s action. The dream suggests gentleness, fragility and delicate beauty. You need to open your eyes and look at what is in front on you.

Feeling Lost expresses unrequited love, longing and pain. Something is affecting your mood and attitude. You need to move on and free yourself from emotional and physical burdens. This dream is a harbinger for personal gains and self gratification. You still have a lot to learn in life.

Dreaming of Feeling and Lose

Feeling in your dream states your insecurities about your brain power. Maybe you are afraid that you won’t measure up to a particular person or task in your life. Perhaps you need to work on your self-image and improve on your image. This dream expresses your raging emotions which have been held back and repressed for a long time. You are not allowing others dictate how your should look or act.

Feeling in this dream draws attention to craziness or confusion. You or someone has been impeached. Your libido is stronger than the person that you are with or vice versa. Your dream is a signal for your mistrust of others and your tendency to be in everyone’s business and affairs. You are capable of accomplishing great feats, but with questionable motives and methods.

Lose in dream is a metaphor for your feelings of guilt and remorse about some situation. You are putting too much demands of others. You need to learn to wait. This dream signifies sadness and remembrance. You need to adapt a different perspective and new understanding of an issue.

Lose dream is a clue for your fruitless pursuits. You will overcome any obstacles and limitations. Perhaps, you feel that something is being rammed down your throat. Your dream symbolises some deep sadness in your life. You need to coordinate some mass movement.

Dream about both “Feeling” and “Lose” represents your failed accomplishments. You may feel out of control. It is difficult for you to express your feelings. Your dream is a premonition for feelings of poverty, lack and inadequacy. You need to find the power to rectify and care for the issues in your life.

Dream about feeling lost denotes love, beauty, protection and happiness. You need to clean your mouth. You will go far in your life. This dream signifies the goals you have achieved and for the recognition you have gained. You need a clearer view on a situation.

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