Dream about fighting with roommate

Dream about Fighting With Roommate is a premonition for big changes ahead for you. You are moving toward a new phase in your life. You are engaging in counterproductive activity. Your dream points at your facade and what you allow other people to see or know about you. You are given certain freedoms to explore who you are.

Fighting With Roommate is a hint for solitude. Life is passing you by if you do not jump in and participate in it. You are ready to make a brand new start in a new place. Your dream is an evidence for flexibility and creativity in your way of thinking. You are taking up a new hobby.

Dreaming of Fight and Roommate

Fight in your dream is your directness and straightforwardness. You need to learn to appreciate the things you have. You have the tendency to act before you think. This dream is a symbol for your need to be alone or that you are feeling alone. You need to go back and redo something all over again.

Fight in this dream stands for the union of opposites. You are struggling with issues of belonging and acceptance. There is something that you are ignoring or overlooking in your life. Your dream is an omen for a sign of desperation and a cry for help. You have gone off the deep end in some aspect of your life.

Roommate in dream refers to your flexibility in some situation. You are struggling with your spirituality, your practicality and your passions. Everything around you is moving ahead, but you are unable to keep up. This dream is a portent for your ability to coordinate your actions and execute your plans. You are dealing with past regrets.

Roommate dream is an indication for feelings of vulnerability and hostility. Perhaps you need to take time out and confront your emotional demons. All the emotions that you have been holding back are coming to the surface. This dream is a clue for something that is inferior in quality. You walking peacefully or treading lightly on some situation.

Dream about both “Fight” and “Roommate” is sadly an admonition for your lack of privacy. You are feeling empty inside. You have gained too much from your experiences and you are going to apply them to your current circumstances. Your dream is an omen for some painful emotion that you are refusing to confront. You or someone is in pain, either emotionally or physically.

Dream about fighting with roommate is a portent for the balance that you need to maintain in various aspects of your life. You are feeling irritable. You need to hold true to your words and do what you say you are going to do. The dream is a portent for ambition, hope, goals and success. You are in control of all aspects of your life.

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