Dream about fish and rain

Dream about Fish And Rain signifies your literary mind and romantic notions. You are seeking acclaim and recognition. You want things to run more smoothly in some area of your life. The dream expresses your elevated sense of self and high ambition. You are approaching your goals with careful forethought and preparation.

Fish And Rain denotes your connection to someone in an intimate and emotional way. Despite our differences and disagreements, we can all still come together. You are choosing pleasure and instant gratification over working on future goals. The dream is a sign for your lofty goals. It is time to start taking action.

Dreaming of Fish and Rain

Fish in your dream suggests your feelings of frustrations. You feel that others do not appreciate your talents and efforts. You need to confront the issue and stop relying on outside help. Your dream means your subordinate role. A person goes after what he or she wants with no regards to the well-being and sensitivity of others.

Fish in this dream is a metaphor for control over your emotional desires. Your goals are within grasp. You may be trying to convey a message to a person. This dream indicates old age and issues about aging. Perhaps, you have dug yourself into a hole and cannot get out of it.

Rain in dream is a signal for your self-expression, skills and abilities. You need to step back and look at the wider perspective. You have a tendency to hold in your displeasure in order to please others. Your dream is a premonition for relationships and how the masculine aspects are in opposition to the feminine aspects. You are being weak.

Rain dream symbolises your nurturing abilities. You are trying to get to the root of some issue. You need to spend some time to focus and build on your existing relationships. The dream points to a gang or an intimidating group. You need to add a little fire and spice into your relationship.

Dream about both “Fish” and “Rain” is an alert for your helplessness, difficulties and frustrations in trying to communicate with others. You are worrying too much. You do not know what you really want to do with your life or where you want to go. This dream is a signal for disappointments or misunderstanding in some situation or relationship. Aspects of your life are falling apart.

Dream about fish and rain is a symbol for inner healing. Life is full of ups and downs. You are excited about something. Your dream is a symbol for your heritage and your roots. You are ready to reveal some deep emotion.

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