Dream about fish eyes

Dream about Fish Eyes is about the union of your feminine and masculine side. You are idealizing a relationship. You are self-assured in what you do. Your dream stands for your potential for success. You need to be more compassionate and understanding in some situation or relationship.

Fish Eyes is a metaphor for an innocent heart. You are living in your own world. You are experiencing some heartache. This dream expresses an aspect of yourself that is surfacing from the subconscious. You are careful about the risks you take.

Dreaming of Fish and Eye

Fish in your dream indicates your own insecurities about your appearances. You are unable to fully express an important part of who you are. You have been deceived. This dream symbolises a laid back attitude. You are being swayed by some negative influences in your life.

Fish in this dream points to an end to a habit, behavior or idea. There may be hidden hostility or aggression in some aspect of your relationship or situation. You have taken a step in the wrong direction. The dream points at your attitudes toward a relationship. You are fixated on the negative aspects of your life.

Eye in dream stands for feminine qualities that you need to activate or acknowledge within your own self. You need to choose a side in some challenge or argument. You are trying to maintain some sort of balance in aspects of your spiritual, emotional and daily life. Your dream is a harbinger for some sort of pain or chaos occurring in your life. Perhaps there is something that you need to see grow and nurture.

Eye dream is clinginess and dependency issues. You are trying to be on your best behavior around a person. You are trying desperately to hold onto a relationship, to some old habits or to your former ways. This dream is a signal for your ability to coordinate your actions and execute your plans. Perhaps you are becoming too dependent and need to find your own path.

Dream about both “Fish” and “Eye” is an evidence for a difficult decision between two choices. You are being misguided or deceived and need to make better, informed decisions. You may feel that your life is going nowhere or that you are going in circles with your life. This dream is sadly a warning alert for your worries over minor problems and small matters. Your actions will result in an unpleasant outcome.

Dream about fish eyes is about a unified whole. You will be rewarded for your hard work. You are important. Your dream means a bright outlook. You are putting up a front.

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I dreamt that a child hood friends father who passed married a dead woman with a fish eye and had a dead baby

Weird dream girl

I dreamt I pulled very large fish from my eyes.