Dream about flipping car

Dream about Flipping Car means a date that you are going on or an important date or appointment that you have to keep. There is a higher force who you need to answer to. If you visualize success, then you will achieve success. This dream is an evidence for repressed desires of your own appearance and passion. You are ambitious and goal oriented.

Flipping Car denotes honor, loyalty, protection and security. You go after what you want without any regard for others. Your fear of making mistakes is preventing you from experiencing life. This dream hints a repressed or forbidden aspect of yourself. You are crossing a someone’s boundaries.

Dreaming of Flip and Car

Flip in your dream stands for a controlling father or father figure. You need to get the attention of some girl/boy. You need to come down from your lofty ideals and approach life from a more pragmatic perspective. This dream expresses your tendency to always put others ahead of your own needs. You have a large ego or think overly highly of yourself.

Flip in this dream is an indication for a transitional phase of self exploration. Some area in your life you need to assert more power. You are being caught a little off guard. Your dream represents some anxiety over an issue. You have gone off the deep end in some aspect of your life.

Car in dream means your level of self-confidence and self esteem. You need to take time out in order to heal, mentally, physically and spiritually. You need to plan out your path before moving forward. Your dream points at your rigid and inflexible ways. Maybe you should stop talking and listen more.

Car dream means you cold feelings. You need to find closure. You need to better connect with people. This dream stands for undeveloped or wounded aspects of your psyche. Perhaps you are starting a new relationship, switching jobs or relocating.

Dream about both “Flip” and “Car” is unfortunately an admonition for violent rage or sudden anger. Your words are not coming out right. You are feeling trapped, confined and disoriented in some situation. Your dream is a signal for financial worry, monetary lost or risky endeavor. You need to fix some problems in your life.

Dream about flipping car is a sign for energy, effort, encouragement and motivation. There is something that you need to ignite and rekindle in your life. Certain aspects of your life beyond your control. The dream suggests a feeling of confusion. You enjoy being the center of attention.

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Jay j

Sitting in back seat there was a person in the road and driver swerved to avoid hitting them and then another car was coming and a sharp curve and went off curb but was flipping and we never crashed. Just flipped endlessly and we all hugged each other while the car was flipping but I was the last to join sister and dad ex wife

Pizairia Warren

I don’t fully remember the beginning of the dream but I do know I was traveling somewhere and then I remember getting into a petty fight with my most recent ex and he did something to me and to get him back I flipped his car over with my bare hands and it was crushed. Then I just walked away up a hill


I don’t remember the dream exactly but I know we we’re coming from some store with some things, Ny mom was in her car in front of us and I was in the car with my moms boyfriend. My mom I believe changed lanes and her car flipped over 3 times and stayed upside down. I am not sure what it means or what happened after as I woke straight back up when it happened


Some old friends from my temple picked me up in car that was missing many seats. The seats were old and covered with fabric. I tried to sit in the front. There was a seat belt but no seat. We got on the freeway and as we were driving, a tour bus of multiple people changed into our lane and it flipped over followed by other cars getting in our way that also flipped over. We couldn’t get to our destination due to the crashes and pull over to a rest where people who died in the were prayed for.


i was in the backseat with my mom and my little 13 year old sister was driving and she kept speeding up without stopped and the car felt like it tilted upwards and then fell on its side.


Driving in a car and I almost rolled forward off a cliff. Stopped in time only to put the car in reverse and drive off the cliff backwards, flipping and flipping, just waiting for the impact which never came.


I made a turn in the parking deck and hit the curb or something which made my car swerve between the deck and the wall. I got out the car and it was leaning backwards, it eventually fell backwards causing the car to flip and land upside down. I remember I had no emotion examining my car I just remember feeling like if I tried I could flip it back over.

Nevaeh w

Stow it all started so it all started off buy me running away from being killed and before that I was trying to fly away like just fly I was in this building and everybody was trying to escape from these people that was trying to kill you so you know I’m just like fuck that imma leave and then i ended up in a car with my mom in the back seat and the driver got us into a crash and the car is flipping so i hold my mom to keep her safe everything went black and im back to running i get to a gate1/2

Nevaeh w part 2

Oh by the way when my mom and me were flipping in the car we were not hurt however i kept holding her and the driver for safety i was more worried about my mom but she was asleep when this all happen


I don’t remember how it started. I had a dream I flipped over on the freeway but I flew over the soccer field by Ventura exit on 99 freeway and I flipped over downtown and landed on my tires by the 41 freeway by the stadium in my hometown. While I was in the Air I prayed to God to get me out this situation and he did I landed on my tires

Cee Riss

I watched a man get into a wreck and his car flipped like 20 times and got out tha car and started walking like nothing happened


I had a dream that I was driving and my dad and younger sister were in the backseat. I was driving on a busy highway and was speeding and trying to turn with the curve in the highway. My sister did something to distract me, I looked back and yelled at her to stop or else I would crash the car. By the time I turned around, we drove off the side of the highway and flipped 3 to 4 times and landed on the roof. Then we flipped the car right side up and we were all fine and pretended nothing happened.

Marlene A

This dream occurred twice over the weekend, i am driving into the highway, can’t recall if others are in the car. But as I’m reaching the beginning to cross a large bridge, a smaller draw bridge springs up and causes my car to fly up to the sky then flip, fully upside down mid air, and as it’s about to land i usually wake up. I never learn how i land the fall.


Hello Messenger… I saw an ash color Honda Pilot Jeep turned upside down from afar.. as I was running down and mentioning the owner of the car’s name because I thought it was accident… as I get close then I saw the same car parked properly and not upside down


Dreamt of whole family in a car going uphill into a property but stopped at the gate to give way to an expat & wife drive in first, then all of a sudden our car flipped backward. My wife & I came out unhurt then flipped the car back to its original state with the kids in it, no one got hurt, no damage to the car. Then we drove into the yard & saw some family members there in that place. What does it mean?



Riding in my car, presumably, it was black, and I saw this green light – round, metal symbol – come on the dash. All of a sudden, my car flipped over and somehow, I carried it on my back to land it safely without injury.

No one was hurt and I saw this woman, maybe Indian or Middle Eastern, she had an accent with beautiful brown skin and shiny black hair; note, I’m Black and the characteristics didn’t parallel. She asked if I was ok? I said yeah. We laughed and I woke up.


I was dreaming I was in a car with an old friend a silver camry, I don’t own one and neither does he. we slide off an icy road, the car went up in the are and flipped over a few times and caught on fire and I assuming fell. I prayed fast to make sure I was ok.

Big L

I had a dream my mom was driving a black truck/black jeep can’t really remember but we both had on seatbelts and I was in the passenger seat and a car hit us and the car we were in flipped backwards and we were both laying on our backs and we couldn’t get up and I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I felt pressure


I was driving past fire engines and hose pipes I went to move and break around them but the car breaker for me and flipped forwards on the roof of the car I had my belt on and felt no pain in the dream I wasn’t hurt but the car was ruined roof caved in everything scratched and broken Kelly pulled up in her car behind me got out with her hand on her forehead and said oh for fuck sake amber look at the state of it I drove the car on the wheels were all popped and there was nearly no petrol

Shay Payton

My dream was about me in a car taking a curve too fast flipping over and I got out flipped the car back over and drove off went to work at a convenience store right after, while there I watched a fight by the gas pumps, I don’t kneaux what it means


I had a dream the I was in the car my dad then suddenly the car started flipping and I did not have a seatbelt on so I had to hold on to things I was okay at the end