Dream about flying notes

Dream about Flying Notes refers to a return to your true Self and acceptance of who you are. You should open up to your family and friends more. You need to escape from the daily grind and relax. Your dream is a portent for your level of self-worth and self-esteem. You are keeping your emotions in check.

Flying Notes is an evidence for spiritual refreshment. You are evaluating your goals and your means to achieve them. It is the beginning of the path that you are taking in life. The dream means adventure, exploration, progress and a new journey. You are happy with where you are.

Dreaming of Fly and Note

Fly in your dream is about your self-importance. You need to gather your strength and stand up for yourself. You need to be cautious about what people are telling you. Your dream is sometimes the womb and your desire to isolate yourself from others. You are going against the crowd on some idea or decision.

Fly in this dream signifies maternal instincts or the desire to be cared for. You are molding or shaping the course of your own life. You may feel that your opportunities and choices lead to a dead end. This dream is a hint for a situation or relationship that is wearing away. You have reached a new level of stability and calmness.

Note in dream expresses someone who is causing you trouble. You are being censored in some area of your life. You need to be careful in what you say and do. The dream is a harbinger for contentment and satisfaction in the decisions that you have made. Perhaps you have been caught off guard about something.

Note dream is a harbinger for qualities within yourself that are yielding and can be changed. You are taking chances and playing with fate. You are behaving immaturely. Your dream is sometimes your vulnerability to a situation. You may need to divert your energies to different pursuits.

Dream about both “Fly” and “Note” is a symbol for the negative aspects of your childhood. You feel that there is no way out of a relationship or situation that you are in. You are trying to insulate yourself from your surroundings and protect yourself from involvement in the situation. The dream is a harbinger for the shedding away of old ways, habits and conditions. You are coming up empty in some endeavor or plan.

Dream about flying notes signifies you are going to say yes to some question you have been asking yourself. You are being slick or sly. Perhaps you are having second thoughts about an issue. This dream states introspection and deep thought. You need to choose and take a side.

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