Dream about fog

Dream about Fog is a portent for a temporary situation or relationship. Your unyielding ways and rigid thinking. You are trying to take shortcuts. This dream stands for loss. You are trying to make an aspect of yourself known without being too direct about it.

Fog is a harbinger for secrets, desires and thoughts which are being closely held and guarded. You need to emotionally withdraw yourself from a situation in order to regain some control, structure and order. You are breaking an old image of yourself. This dream states masculine or animalistic aggression. You need to trust in your own metal powers.

Dream about Fog [droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the ground] signifies your forgiving or yielding support system. You tend to leave things to chance or fate. You are stuck with living in the past. This dream hints you will need to get your hands dirty in some situation. You are trying to express a thought or idea in a way that others can understand.

Dream about Fog [an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance] is a sign for the lessons that have learned or are learning. You need to expand your knowledge and learning. You are being manipulated or you are the one that is doing the manipulating. Your dream is a harbinger for indulgence, celebration, reward, or temptation. You may be putting up your defenses.

Dream about Daze [confusion characterized by lack of clarity] is sometimes your inability to convey a certain message. You will prevail over your current problems. Your subconscious is telling you not to repeat the same mistakes that you had made with a ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. This dream is a message for emotional or relationship needs. You need to pay attention to the details in a situation.

Dream about Obscure [make less visible or unclear] is an evidence for some minor disputes. You have been disinherited. You need to come down from you lofty ambitions or idealistic notions. Your dream represents your camaraderie and oneness with others toward a common cause. You need to look at a better way of doing something.

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I had a dream where I looked out the window and a fog started creeping up. As I looked onto the corner of the fog I noticed a green arrow on it. After that I felt paralyzed.