Dream about food pregnancy

Dream about Food Pregnancy refers to a spiritual change or reawakening. You need to seek the help of others in order to accomplish a mutual goal. You are feeling misunderstood. Your dream is a premonition for the depth of your subconscious. You are feeling physically and emotionally drained and need to explore an alternative source of energy.

Food Pregnancy represents your playfulness and jovial disposition. You are hoarding something. You need to be more affectionate in your life. The dream symbolises a bridge between your earthly, grounded self and the higher, spiritual self. You need to fulfill and gratify your hunger for love and desires.

Dreaming of Food and Pregnancy

Food in your dream is a clue for fear and humiliation. You do not need to do things by yourself. You need to stop and reenergize yourself. The dream refers to confusion about your own self-identity and your sense of individuality. You volunteer for something or are a volunteer.

Food in this dream is a metaphor for your inability to meet your obligations and fulfill your goals. You need to take better care of some aspect of yourself or some aspect of your relationship. There is a problem or issue that is burdening you. The dream is a message for old issues that are still coming back to haunt you. You have no privacy.

Pregnancy in dream draws attention to your attitude and your stance on a particular situation. You are a hard person to please. You may be seeking for some form of shelter from the outside world. The dream signifies your aspirations for fame. You are drifting around in life without any direction.

Pregnancy dream means regression into your past where you had no responsibilities. You need to stop and reflect on your past mistakes or issues before you can move forward. You are setting your goals too high. The dream is a portent for feelings of inadequacies. Things literally bounce off of you.

Dream about both “Food” and “Pregnancy” suggests your own fears of contracting a disease or your deteriorating health. You or someone is looking for help, but don’t know how to go about getting it. You are not being receptive to new ideas and viewpoints. This dream expresses a lack of creativity. Your feelings for someone is dead.

Dream about food pregnancy signifies riches, ambition or spiritual protection. You will fulfill one of your wishes. You have great self control and an ability to turn your emotions on and off at will. The dream indicates satisfaction with your body image and your emotions. You are letting go of something that used to be important to you.

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