Dream about forgetting exam

Dream about Forgetting Exam means subconscious material that is coming to the surface. You tend to go along with the group. You want a person to open up to you. The dream is about a timeless tradition. You need to be more expressive and creative.

Forgetting Exam is sometimes your strategy for success. You need to seek help from others. Things are a breeze for you. This dream points to your ability to retain what is valuable to you. You are being protected by some spiritual power.

Dreaming of Forget and Exam

Forget in your dream points to your identity or someone else’s identity. You are trying to assess your abilities and evaluate a situation. You are being too subjective in some matter. The dream is a clue for the transfer of ideas and advices from one person to another. You need to focus your energies and cleanse yourself spiritually and emotionally.

Forget in this dream is an indication for your frivolous pursuits. You are trying to manipulate some situation. You are having difficulty navigating through life. This dream is a signal for a transitional phase where you are approaching a new direction in life. You need to incorporate various components together and look at the picture as a whole.

Exam in dream states an aspect of yourself that is unfamiliar or strange to you. Two previously conflicting aspects are merging together as one. You are being evasive. This dream is a message for your alertness. You need to evaluate who your true friends are and who are negative energy.

Exam dream stands for weakness, degradation, filth and general negativity. You need to express your anger or sadness. You are experiencing some fear in using your psychic abilities and believing in your intuition. This dream expresses your attitudes toward a relationship. You need to be careful in your dealings.

Dream about both “Forget” and “Exam” is an alert for some unfinished feeling in your life. You should not always rely on what you see or hear. You are lacking a sense of personal space. Your dream points to your annoying habits. You are trying to balance too many things in your life.

Dream about forgetting exam signifies excessive chatter and gossip. You have a fear of partnership or commitment and a general distrust of people around you. You need to see life from an optimistic point of view. Your dream signifies your sensuality and femininity. It is time to get out there and experience life.

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