Dream about friendly shark

Dream about Friendly Shark is emotional balance and strength. Some subconscious material is attempting to make itself known. Perhaps you need some motivation to get things moving. The dream means your irritable personality. You have built a solid foundation for success in some endeavor.

Friendly Shark is a hint for your need to connect and communicate with a larger network of people. You may be headed into a pitfall. You are moving into a new phase. Your dream is a signal for comfort, contentment, pleasure and peace in your current life. You are a highly sensitive person.

Dreaming of Friendly and Shark

Friendly dream represents someone who is addicted to drugs or someone in an obsessive relationship. You are trying to get to the root of some matter. You are experiencing a conflict at school, work, family, or personal relationship. This dream is indecision; you cannot make up your mind about something. You need to be more hands on in some project.

Friendly in this dream stands for a time where you had less responsibilities and less worries. You are well-grounded, even though you appear to be flighty at times. You cannot rely on others for your sense of security. The dream is sometimes some form of deception. You are trying to incorporate aspects of a person into your own self.

Shark in dream suggests your actual concerns about a problem or your desires to have children. You need to consider something from someone else’s perspective. You need to be careful with what you say. This dream is an evidence for agility, cunningness and speed. Through experimentation and taking risks, you learn how and how not to do something.

Shark dream is a hint for a feeling of being entangled or trapped in a sticky or clingy relationship. You are idling and wasting time. Perhaps, you are being too overly protective. Your dream is a portent for repressed emotions and unexpressed feelings. You are experiencing some momentary anxiety or pain, but you will be a better and stronger person for it in the long run.

Dream about both “Friendly” and “Shark” is a clue for unexpected changes, frustrations and unpleasant adventures. Your mind does not know any limits. You may have offended others without knowing it. Your dream is an evidence for your need to be nurtured and cared for. Your strong assertive side is getting ready to merge with your intuitive nurturing side.

Dream about friendly shark symbolises memories and nostalgia. You are getting the hang of some situation or some task. You are indecisive. The dream is a signal for life energy, enthusiasm and vitality. You need to learn to forgive yourself.

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michy love

i had a dream about holding a friendly black baby shark in my hand with all my family around


I had a dream about being afraid of the sharks but it is a requirement to pass, I am on the level 15 and if the hammerhead shark tossed into you, if he didn’t laugh, you are not applied to be IDK. It’s some kind of a test. first toss, he didn’t laugh and I am full of fear. second toss, when I catch it unintentionally, he laugh i realized he is just a baby hammerhead shark. he scratch his teeth onto my hand but like a friendly way. and he is needed to be back in his cage, he escaped bc of his dad

Leo Jvy

I had a dream with a friendly hammer head shark it let me get on it’s back to swim together it’s started bleeding because it had something like a hook or dagger on its back and to help it out I took it off when blood leaked into the ocean It attracted other sharks and the hammer head got attacked. Later on in the same dream at the beach the mother of my child was concerned I haven’t ate and tried to feed me. Also one of her friends almost got eaten by a whale the came into a shore weird dream..


I had a dream I had to swim with this large shark, in my dream I knew I was going to die, but as I swam with him, he cuddled up next to me under my chin and slept. In my dream I kept thinking not to wake him because of his large teeth, but how friendly and tame he was.


I dreamed that I was feeding a large shark that visited me at a familiar body of water every day. I wasn’t afraid and it was a pleasure to see him approach by watching the movement of the water as he arrived. His fin was not above the water in the way I’m used to seeing sharks approach (in Jaws etc). There was a feeling of excitement as he arrived and I enjoyed throwing furniture in the water for him to eat. I also fed him a giant beach ball! I also knew it would be unsafe to go in the water.


I had a dream I could pick up the ocean like a big sheet and as I swirled it around sharks and manta rays were exposed swimming and dancing. I was doing this as my mum was watching!


I was swimming in the deep ocean, the waters were dark, and there were different sharks that kept approaching me. I was scared and nervous, but the sharks would just swim past me. I finally found some rocks and climbed up there and waited for my husband to find me.


Long unspecified variety of fish came
Into shallow waters, they were coloured camouflage blues, people nearby were spectating the large group When someone shouted that they were sharks,’then we saw their fins which had appeared to be quite flat until the person shouted. It was then that I realised that they were sharks.They seemed to know we recognised them. They turned around swam away out to sea peacefully. They looked Magnificent in the clear shallow Waters and their colours were amazing.