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Dream about front seat

Dream about Front Seat denotes happy times. You are seeking some form of comfort. You are feeling threatened or overlooked. This dream is a signal for something that you have overlooked. You are showing restraint and control over your emotions.

Front Seat signifies fertility, good health, life and longevity. You have reached a new level of maturity or spiritual enlightenment. You are in control and are making steady and smooth progress. The dream is a sign for your own relationship with a person. They are battling their own personal issues.

Dreaming of Front and Seat

Front in your dream signifies your actual stress or concerns about the activity or event in real life. You have to remember that you cannot always win at everything. You may be harboring some fear that you are not able to accomplish your goals. This dream denotes mischief and trouble. You are diverting or deflecting your feelings instead of confronting them.

Seat in dream is a metaphor for your productivity. Perhaps you have been sworn to secrecy. You need to look at the overall picture on some issue. Your dream suggests gossip or news. Although these may be tough and difficult times, it will have a positive outcome.

Dream about both “Front” and “Seat” is a harbinger for failure in gaining the admiration and respect of someone sought for. Someone is trying to reassure and reaffirm your progress forward. You need to put aside your pride and ego and not let it get in the way of friendships and relationships. The dream is sadly a warning for self-reliance, stability, tactfulness and careful forethought. You are not being truthful and are lying to yourself about something.

Dream about front seat points to your ability to offer support and nurturance others. You may be recreating new paths of expression and perhaps a rebirth. You can accomplish your goals or achieve success as long as you set your mind to it. The dream is a premonition for tranquility, high aspirations, fame, victory, hopes and longevity. You are entering a new phase or transition in your life.

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Saw I was seating in front of public bus going home. I was charged above what I use to pay. Few minutes into the journey the driver stopped to dress his kids well. One of the kids strolled into an unpleasant place and I helped him back among us. Again the kid walked into an unpleasant place. This time around I didn’t oversight how dangerous the place was before I went to rescue him. I got stuck with him and was regretting my good heart because no one is coming to safe us as down below is water


Dreamt I was looking at a photo from my past and I could see myself sitting in a front row with some old friends but two girls were wispering and I could see on this photo how mutch I had changed it was like I was seeing that I was never ugly but my confidence was so low then I could see myself pregnant and so much blood was coming out like I was on my periods but my friend was telling me that I was still pregnant and I could see pregnancy belly in the mirror.

Alex avalos

Saw I took a luxurious ride going home. I was sitting at the front and the initial road we took was bad. They driver was driving a decent good speed but drifted some times into bush and would come out until we got to a smooth and well tied road, where he drove nicely enroute to my house. The driver is decent to hold good conversation and make the journey lively while we sojourn

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