Dream about fungus on head

Dream about Fungus On Head is a portent for the passing of time and past events. Perhaps there is something that you must do. You are ready to share an aspect of yourself. Your dream indicates commercialism, riches, or abundance. Something is about to come to an end and something new will begin.

Fungus On Head symbolises an end to a period of time or phase in your life. It is time to relax. It also refers to your achievements. Your dream suggests cosmic energy and emerging consciousness. You have successfully escaped or gotten out from a burdening situation or relationship.

Dreaming of Fungus and Head

Fungus in your dream is a symbol for conflict, negativity and aggression. You need to trust your intuition. You need to express your sadness and not keep it inside. The dream stands for your supportive role. You need to tread lightly around certain people or risk offending them.

Fungus in this dream represents your indifference to some situation or person. You tend to be subjective and let your feelings get in the way of your decisions. You need to approaching things head-on. The dream hints your fear of facing a harsh reality. You need to be more receptive towards the guidance or criticism of others.

Head in dream points to your feelings about a person, situation, or relationship. You need to learn to sort out your feelings and express them. You are feeling powerless, anxious or frustrated. The dream is an indication for arrogance and an inflated opinion of yourself. You are afraid to confront your repressed emotions and thoughts.

Head dream means difficulties in communicating other people. You are not obedient. You are in denial about some aspects of yourself. The dream is sometimes opportunities or problems. You are being particularly sarcastic.

Dream about both “Fungus” and “Head” is unfortunately a warning for feelings of guilt, insecurity or low esteem. It is time to bail out of a situation or abandon an old idea or habit. You are taking things too seriously. Your dream unfortunately draws attention to annoyances and complications in a situation where pleasure was expected. You are taking on too many tasks and are weighed down by all the responsibilities.

Dream about fungus on head stands for knowledge, wisdom and great prosperity. You are rising above a situation. Some situation or relationship has you hypnotized. The dream is a premonition for a particular time or season. You have the ability to dig deep and bring up subconscious wisdom.

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