Dream about getting stabbed with a pencil

Dream about Getting Stabbed With A Pencil refers to the possibility of a physical disorder. You have learned something significant about yourself. You are compromising your own emotional well being and happiness. This dream stands for self-punishment. You have the gift of making any difficult situation look easy.

Get in your dream is your materialistic attitude. You are looking for some sort of connection. Perhaps you need to learn to laugh at yourself. Your dream refers to emotional or relationship needs. You are demanding to be heard.

Stab dream symbolises protection or luck. You are feeling sorry for yourself. You need to hold it together, especially when others are prone to losing control. Your dream represents support. It is time to forgive and forget.

Pencil in this dream is an evidence for some rugged or tough force. Perhaps, something is too good to be true. You may unprepared in some situation or challenge in your life. This dream is a hint for your inability to meet your obligations and fulfill your goals. You need to take a chance in life in order to reap the rewards.

Dreaming of Get and Stab and Pencil

Dream About Got Stabbed is an evidence for characteristics and personality that you chose to display to the public. You will be unexpected call on to defend your honor. You are open to changes and to looking at things from a different perspective. Your dream signals the hostilities in the world. You need to be more compassionate and understanding in some situation or relationship.

Get and Pencil indicates your new awareness and enlightenment. You are mourning. It is time to explore your spiritual side. Your dream denotes serenity, peace of mind and rejuvenation. You are taking an active role in the way your life is going.

Stab and Pencil is an omen for negative thoughts and ideas that you have internalized. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed of being the responsible or dependent one. You need to take a rest. Your dream signifies spirituality, knowledge, healing and refreshment. You may be experiencing a new relationship, new career path or new adventure.

Dream about Getting Stabbed With A Pencil denotes your artistic talents. You need some direction or clarity in a situation. You will rise above some situation or difficulty. The dream is about rebirth and rejuvenation. You are about to reveal something that you had previously kept to yourself.

Sometimes, dream about getting stabbed with a pencil is sadly an alert for holes or flaws in your way of thinking. You need to get a better handle on your life situation. You have reached your breaking point. The dream expresses feminine power or an overbearing mother figure in your life. You are not able to full express yourself and verbalize your feelings.

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