Dream about gingerbread cookies

Dream about Gingerbread Cookies means pleasant and joyous surroundings. Ou are using your imagination and exploring possibilities. Perhaps, you should put the issues aside so you can clear your head and come back to it later. Your dream signifies a special date, address, age, lucky number or something meaningful and significant to only you. You are overextending your resources.

Gingerbread Cookies is a premonition for a renewal and fresh beginning. You are giving up some of your power. You are undergoing some great distress. This dream is a sign for prosperity, hope, new beginnings and an opportunity to make a fresh start. You have yet to come to terms with someones absence.

Dreaming of Gingerbread and Cooky

Gingerbread in your dream is a premonition for some misfortune or unlucky threat. Perhaps you are preoccupied with the weather and hope that it doesn’t ruin your plans. You have your sights clearly set on a goal. This dream suggests a dysfunctional relationship or unfulfilled goal. Ou may need to take things more seriously.

Gingerbread in this dream denotes the many aspects and facets of your personality. You are having trouble coming to a decision about something. Perhaps someone or some situation calls for your help. Your dream expresses your desire to escape from a current situation. Your lifestyle or life decisions may be jeopardizing your well being.

Cooky in dream symbolises a loss to your individuality. You are trying to influence the opinions and views of others. You need to stop dwelling on the past and move forward. This dream means feelings of being trapped. You are proceeding toward a situation despite the risk.

Cooky dream indicates your hopes, desires and secrets. You are feeling overburdened or overwhelmed. Your subconscious may be trying to get your attention about an important message that you are refusing to acknowledge in your life. This dream is a sign for lurking danger, aggression, raw emotions or sometimes death. You need to learn to ask for help and accept assistance.

Dream about both “Gingerbread” and “Cooky” is a portent for a lack of values or characters. You are trying to cover up some imperfection or mistake. You are being too passive and need to take a more active role in a situation. The dream is a harbinger for bad luck. Your naughty and devious side is in conflict with your moral standards.

Dream about gingerbread cookies hints feeling of despair. You are taking a new approach to life. You need to appreciate the gifts you have. The dream is sometimes your creative energy and reaffirms that you are headed in the right direction in life. You need to take a break from life’s demands so you can replenish your energy.

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