Dream about golden key

Dream about Golden Key states setbacks. You need a fresh, new perspective on some issue. You need to tell yourself that it is mind over matter. Your dream is a metaphor for your receptiveness and willingness to accept new ideas/concepts. You are taking on more things that you can handle.

Golden Key represents a decision that you need to make in your life. You need to pay attention to opportunities that are coming your way. You are in control of your life. This dream is a message for your determination to succeed and achieve your goals. You may be concerned about fitting into society’s ideals of beauty.

Dreaming of Golden and Key

Golden in your dream points to your leadership skills. You need to focus on the task at hand and try not to let your emotions cloud your judgment. May be there someone who is interested in you. Your dream is a harbinger for being too buttoned up or refrained. You are let down by someone you relied on and trusted.

Golden in this dream represents the difficulties and sense of helplessness that you are experiencing. You are trying to understand the world around you. You will undergo some changes in your life which will relieve you of some dissatisfaction. Your dream means your desire to stand out from the rest. You need to incorporate various components together and look at the picture as a whole.

Key in dream is a signal for your need to reach out to others. You need to address some issues before it overflows. You want to be less inhibited and explore other areas of personality. This dream points at your resourcefulness. You are in tune with your own feelings or the feelings of others.

Key dream represents your individual accomplishments and your drive to succeed. There are many layers to your personality that you need to get through in order to unveil what is truly underneath. You have a difficult time to get others to listen to you. This dream is an evidence for your distorted or skewed sense of reality. You need to delve deeper and uncover what is going on.

Dream about both “Golden” and “Key” denotes something that is soiled or tainted. You need to proceed with caution in some endeavor. Your perception is flawed or skewed. The dream is sadly your ambivalence, confusion, or ignorance in a situation. You refuse to see the problems that exist in your life and only want to focus on the good times.

Dream about golden key means an exciting end to something. You may need to show more love and compassion in your life. You have wisdom and devotion. Your dream is a harbinger for the human soul, inner beauty, perfection, purity and chastity. A person can help you in your current situation.

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