Dream about green ball

Dream about Green Ball denotes an ending to a situation or aspect of yourself. You are moving through the obstacles of your life effortlessly. You are experiencing a decreased sense of power. The dream is a symbol for an innocent heart. You are experiencing a new sense of freedom and calm.

Green Ball points to your new awareness and enlightenment. You are well-balanced in your personal, social and professional life. You need to be more sympathetic. This dream represents perfection of the self and spiritual truth. You need to be more assertive and forceful.

Dreaming of Green and Ball

Green in your dream means the shaping and development of your personality. Perhaps you are lacking some qualities or components in your life. Perhaps you don’t want to see or be seen. Your dream points to your need for a change in scenery or a desire to escape from a current situation. You don’t want to get hurt.

Green in this dream hints your rigid and inflexible ways. You are experiencing an isolation period. You need to acknowledge your spirituality. This dream signifies a message or word of advice that you need to heed. You are trying desperately to hold onto a relationship, to some old habits or to your former ways.

Ball in dream means your fears about a female. You are dealing with criticism about your self and your body. You need to acknowledge and express these emotions. The dream is a symbol for your intellectual capacities. Perhaps you need to be more disciplined.

Ball dream points to some issues with your neck or throat. Lending money to friends will cause a rift in your relationship. You are trying to hold on to memories. This dream is sometimes repentance of your actions and errors. You need some variety from your daily routine.

Dream about both “Green” and “Ball” is unfortunately limited independence. Your hard work and diligence will pay off in the end. You are overly concerned with your looks and image. Your dream is sadly an alert for some old habit, condition, or situation. You are confronted with an unfamiliar problem that you do not know how to approach and resolve.

Dream about green ball is an evidence for a barrier between two states of consciousness. You are being slick or sly. It is time to change some vital part of your life in order to feel fully alive and whole again. This dream is a message for energy and spirituality. You are in a happy place.

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today i had the strangest dream. its all a blur. but i was in high school. i stayed for after school tutorials (in real life im a car rider) after tutorials im in a hurry to get my stuffs together. for some reason i had to put lots of shoes in my small bag. i was stressed. but i made it to the bus. i got off in a place i dint know. the buss left so i tried to get home on my own. i was completly lost. and then i realized instead of getting home. im back at school. and it was a loop over again

genesis (second part of my dream)

affter school tutorials, leaving my buss getting lost and some how getting back to school again. i ask someone for the time. and it was 5AM. i was scared cus my mom is like extremly strict. i call home and tell her what happened. she was nice and seemed like she dint care. after school AGAIN. it all repeats its left BUT at the end. i see my ex best friend and my ex crush (who betrayed me, are a couple now, i cut em off) and my ex crush hands me a green squisy ball. then i meet a redhead woman-

genesis (3rd part)

after never getting home, being in a loop of never leaving school, meeting the couple who betrayed me and handed me a ball ) i meet a read hair with black parts woman. i dont remember her face. ive never seen her before. but i remember she was really pretty. she was interested in me and so was i. but i was being my self. i was kinda ignoring her. before she leaves she asks for my insta. my ex crush talks for me and says i got my phone taken away. she leaves and i scream “bye ur really pretty”

genesis (4th part)the end

after all of that. my ex best friend and crush want to walk around the school. one of them mention something about getting in trouble. i dint care at the momment and we were walking fast.we were with a disabled kid who ive also never met but apperently he was their friend and i had to take care of him. i realize the busses are leaving AGAIN. and this time i run has fast has i can and get in the wrong buss. but i say “thank u for saving me” and the woman smiles but says its the wrong buss…