Dream about green eyed baby girl

Dream about Green Eyed Baby Girl is a premonition for sorrow and mourning. You are avoiding some deep emotional issue. You need to share your knowledge and wisdom with others. Your dream suggests your well being. Your relationship is moving to the next level.

Dream about Green Eyed Baby Girl is a metaphor for acknowledgement of a higher power. You need to pay close attention to something that you are overlooking in your life. You feel you are able to express yourself. The dream expresses ideas, concepts and attitudes. You are on a new path.

Dreaming of Green & Eyed & Baby & Girl

Green in your dream is a hint for issues and concerns with money and security. You or someone is being opportunistic. You are no longer functioning efficiently or properly. This dream is a devouring mother. You are always in search for knowledge and inspiration.

Eyed in your dream is an omen for your feelings of superiority over others. You need to learn to adapt to various situations. You need to express yourself to those around you. The dream signals the difficulties your are facing in your life. You are unlocking the answer to some problem.

Baby in this dream suggests your defensive stance about some situation. You tend to do what other people expect of you. You are clearing a path in order to make a new start and rid yourself of old habits and beliefs. The dream points at a situation where you feel that no one is listening to you or paying attention to what you are saying. You need to communicate your emotional concerns and desires.

Girl in dream hints how you are looking within yourself to find your true destiny. You have some minor concerns about a situation. You need to take time for more leisurely or artistic pursuits. This dream signals your nurturing attribute. You want everybody to know about your talents and skills.

Dream About One Eyed Baby is a harbinger for tranquility, spirituality, faith, peace, purity, joy and bliss. There is higher power that you will need to answer to. You need to express your emotions more effectively and clearly. Your dream is a harbinger for discovery of something that you have repressed or stored in the subconscious. You are expressing a desire to know and understand these people on a deeper level.

Dream About Baby Girl represents spiritual awakening, wisdom and intuition. You are opening yourself up to others. You are revealing a part of yourself that was once unknown. Your dream points at freedom, tranquility and renewal. You are receptive to new ideas.

Dream About Green Eyed Baby is a hint for wealth and prosperity. You are open to acknowledging and confronting your subconscious feelings. You have unresolved inner conflicts and are refusing to address certain issues or feelings directly. The dream points to your level of understanding, awareness or success. You are able to deal with and understand your emotions.

Sometimes, dream about green eyed baby girl is unfortunately a warning for a lost sense of spirituality. You are trying to avoid confrontation and arguments. You or someone is looking for support, approval and acceptance. The dream is a sign for your lack of ambition and drive. Whatever you are doing or telling someone has no significant effect on him/her.

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