Dream about green furniture

Dream about Green Furniture signifies boundary between your conscious and subconscious. You may have experienced a surge in your confidence levels. Your goals and aspirations are being put to the test. This dream is a symbol for an overpowering force working against you. You are feeling productive and optimistic about some new project.

Green Furniture points to harmony and balance. You may be subscribing to society’s unattainable standards of beauty. You are looking at something from a new angle or different perspective. Your dream denotes spiritual enrichment and emotional growth. You are experiencing a spectrum of emotions.

Dreaming of Green and Furniture

Green in your dream points at a lack of self-esteem and confidence. You need to pay closer attention to some issue. You need to get to the bottom of some situation and look within yourself for the answers. Your dream suggests an end to some difficult task. Perhaps you are creating a new self-image and taking on a new attitude.

Green in this dream stands for a violent emotional outbreak. You need to think things through before acting on them. You feel that your life is headed no where. The dream means how you confront problems and deal with issues in your life. The best way to solve some problem is to cut it out of your life.

Furniture in dream is a hint for your determination and issues regarding dependence/independence. Perhaps you are emotionally detached or feel you are an outcast of society. Perhaps you are looking for shelter or protection in your life. The dream signifies your tendency to bear pain in order to please others. Perhaps you feel unqualified or inadequate in dealing with a situation.

Furniture dream points at a project that is about to take off. You are killing an aspect of your own self. You are uneasy about some situation in your life. The dream draws attention to someone that you might be digging or like. Perhaps you need to let go of a bad relationship.

Dream about both “Green” and “Furniture” is a symbol for concerns with money or your worries over your limited resources. You are washing away the difficult times. Someone has disappointed you or let you down in some way. This dream is a message for a personal or work-related problem. You are trying to fulfill a void in your life.

Dream about green furniture denotes a reminder for you to keep your cool and remain level-headed. Your relationship with your parents has evolved into a new realm. You are waffling over a topic. The dream is a harbinger for female emotions. You are feeling emotional and physically drained.

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