Dream about green hat

Dream about Green Hat is time, longevity or possibilities. Perhaps you feel that you have plenty of time on your hands. Perhaps you need to confront something in your life that you know is hurting you. The dream points to how you feel about yourself and your family. You are carrying a heavy load.

Green Hat points to your desires to keep up appearances. You are avoiding the truth. Things are going smoothly for you. The dream points to big changes ahead for you. You need to think things more clearly and learn to express yourself with more assurance and conviction.

Dreaming of Green and Hat

Green in your dream is a sign for feelings of inadequacy and childhood insecurities that have never been resolved. You have resolved your issues with commitment. You are being your true self or that someone is being their real self. This dream signifies a controlling father or father figure. You are longing to achieve something that you have desired for awhile.

Green in this dream expresses a yearning or desire for something you do not have. You need to take a little break from your daily life for yourself. You need to trust in your ability to overcome the negativity in your life. The dream is a portent for the processing, transfer and sharing of information. May be it is time to go in for your doctor check up.

Hat in dream is an indication for your fear in the outcome of some decision or project. You need to find purpose in life. You should let out your feelings of anger. Your dream is a symbol for global communication and how we are all dependent on each other. You may need to think outside the lines into more unconventional thoughts and ways of doing things.

Hat dream is a premonition for a problem or issue that you need to pinpoint. You need to stop depending on others. You need to take a break from whatever you are doing. Your dream is a signal for the merging of the child and adult within yourself. You are afraid or uncertain as to what you will discover about yourself and about your hidden feelings and fears.

Dream about both “Green” and “Hat” signals unpleasant news that will affect both your professional and family spheres. You may be feeling depressed. You are being too serious and need to lighten up. Your dream is a warning signal for your true confused state of mind and the nonsensical events of your life. You need to slow down before you jeopardize your well being.

Dream about green hat is a harbinger for your convictions about your beliefs. You need to take care and look after your health. You are reflecting on the progress of your goals. This dream is a symbol for your hidden potential and latent talents. You are helping someone with their goals.

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